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Ukraine: Russia intensified its bombings, kyiv hit its drilling platforms

Ukraine on Monday accused Russia of further intensifying its deadly bombing in the east, where its troops are fiercely resisting, and Moscow said it had hit oil rigs in the Black Sea outside Crimea, which combined in 2014 At the same time, on the threshold of a week described as “historic” by President Volodymyr Zelensky at a summit in Brussels that could give kyiv candidate status for entry into the European Union, tensions rose. Russia’s freight by train to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. Russia condemned a “hostile” act. If transit is “not fully restored, then Russia has the right to act to defend its national interests”, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs threatens. The Kremlin considered the situation “more than serious”. Moscow did not specify the nature of its threat, but Kaliningrad, the former Prussian city of Königsberg that merged in 1945, to become a Russian enclave in the European Union, was a strategic bridge for the Russians, who installed of missiles there. missiles capable of conducting nuclear strikes in Western Europe, and anchor their military fleet there. Lithuania, a former Soviet republic with close ties with Moscow, is a member not only of the EU but also of NATO, which has troops stationed there. “We (…) fully support our Lithuanian friends,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kouleba wrote on Twitter. – More bombs – So far, in Ukraine, the presidency indicated on Monday morning that Russian bombings have increased in the Kharkiv region (northeast), the second city in the country to resist pressure from the forces of Russia since the offensive began on February 24. In the Donetsk region (east), the intensity of shelling is “rising across the front line”, the presidency added, reporting one dead and seven injured, including a child In Severodonetsk, “the Russians control most of the residential areas.” But “if we talk about the whole city, more than a third of the city remains under the control of our armed forces,” said head of local government Oleksandr Striouk. Fighting is raging around this major agglomeration to gain control over the whole of Donbass, the industrial basin in the east of the country that has been partially controlled since 2014 by pro-Russian separatists backed by Moscow. Sergei Gaïdaï, the region’s governor, confirmed on television the collapse of the village of Metolkine, on the southeastern outskirts of Severodonetsk, Russia’s Defense Minister announced on Sunday. “We are ready”, the Ukrainian army “is holding” on the eve of a decisive week, President Zelensky said on Sunday night in his daily video address, but stressed that the armed forces have suffered ” huge losses ”against Russia’s artillery and aviation in the positional war in recent weeks. – Oil platforms – The Russians on their part accused the Ukrainians of attacking the drilling platforms of their gas and oil complex on the Crimean coast, leaving several injured and missing. “This morning the enemy attacked the Chernomorneftegaz drilling platforms. I am communicating with our colleagues from the Ministry of Defense and (from special services) of the FSB, we are trying to rescue people,” he said. Telegram the governor installed by Moscow after the 2014 annexation of the peninsula, Sergei Aksionov. According to him, a total of 109 people were on the three platforms and 21 of them were all evacuated. He indicated that this was the first platform to be hardest hit: “There are 12 people here, five of them injured, the search for others continues”. The Ukrainian army was repeatedly hit by cruise missiles fired from the coast of Russian ships in the Black Sea, including the cruiser Moskva (Moscow), flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, sank in mid-April. However, Russia retains control over this area of ​​the Black Sea, which also has the effect of curbing the export of cargo ships of millions of tons of cereal, of which Ukraine is one of the major producers in the world. The European Union, through the voice of its head of diplomacy Josep Borrell, accused Moscow on Monday of committing a “real war crime” by blocking these exports “when the remaining population the world is suffering from hunger “. “Russia must stop playing world hunger,” French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said. The German government is organizing an international conference in Berlin on Friday on the food crisis associated with this war, in the presence especially of the head of American diplomacy Antony Blinken, the German executive announced on Monday. – Leave the “Russian world” – This war could last “for years”, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Sunday in the German daily Bild, calling on Western countries to support kyiv in the long run weather. Switzerland, which is hosting the first reconstruction conference for Ukraine on July 4 and 5, is hoping for a “long and complicated” reconstruction, which will have to be accompanied by reforms. “The war is still going on, but we also know that the time will come for a reconstruction that will be long and complicated”, Swiss President Ignazio Cassis declared, during a presentation of the Lugano conference. Finally, amid Russia’s aggression and on the eve of the EU summit that must decide whether or not to grant him candidate status, the Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament, ratified on Monday the Istanbul Convention, the first international agreement to be finalized. legally binding standards to address gender -based violence. “A historic event that will take us to the EU even faster,” applauded Oleksandr Korniyenko, first vice-president of the Rada, on Twitter. “President Volodymyr Zelensky and all the representatives who voted in favor of ratification have cut another cord that anchors Ukraine to the + world of Russia +”, admitted for his part Serguiï Kyslytsya, the Ukrainian ambassador to the ‘UN . bur-lpt/sg

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