Why I prefer cloud gaming than PC or console

I’ve played more games in the cloud than on a dedicated PC or console since late 2019. During that time, I swapped the usual limitations of native gaming for an unobstructed and more versatile experience. Here are six reasons why I prefer cloud gaming platforms, like NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW, over PCs and consoles.

Instant access to games

Waiting for downloads and updates is one of the most frustrating aspects of gaming, especially for gamers with little time left. However, when it comes to the cloud, these barriers do not exist. Services like GeForce NOW, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Google Stadia host and stream games directly from servers, which means once a game appears in my library, I can play it right away, without additional hours of waiting. .

Game updates are also provided automatically when they become available; I didn’t start my computer to find a list of titles that needed to be sorted. That being said, a game has crashed a few times on GeForce NOW, but it’s rare for me.

C'est la première fois que je rencontre un patch qui m'empêche de jouer à un jeu sur #GeForceNOW. Quelqu'un d'autre a-t-il déjà vu cela ? #CloudGaming pic.twitter.com/3bowAx4J3C

- Zach Laidlaw (@ztlaidlaw) 28 mai 2022


Screen Versatility

Whether it’s a console attached to a TV or an expensive GPU plugged directly into a PC, both are considered fixed gaming options that will require some hassle to move. In cloud gaming, on the other hand, almost every screen I own is a potential gaming platform.

I can play games on my desktop computer after a day at work, relax on the couch in front of the TV every weekend, and I can even indulge in a game or two on my phone before bed. This level of power and versatility can only be seen in a gaming system designed to mix in a range of factors in the form of the device.

Cloud platforms are also ideal for travel and vacation. Although it is painful to bring a gaming console or PC to every place, cloud gaming does not require any special hardware. With a stable Wi-Fi connection, my trusted phone, tablet, and laptop can be my gaming rig anytime.

Unlimited game storage

The more graphically intensive the games are, the more storage space they need. This is seen in titles like Call of Duty 2019: Modern Warfare which takes up an absurd 231GB of space. Add a few more entries like this, and a PC or console SSD will quickly fill up. .

These limitations do not apply to cloud players. Each game supported by a provided service is hosted on a publicly shared server, and players licensed for those games can simply click on any of them in their library and dive into them. . So I have unlimited access to my entire library without having to install or uninstall games, manage multiple SSDs, or worry about running out of storage.

Unlimited cloud backup

Saving and saving game data can be complicated on a PC. While services like Steam Cloud do a decent job, they can sometimes fail and cause irreversible loss (if your games support this feature). You can set up your own backup solution, but it’s difficult at best. Fortunately, cloud platforms are shining here as well.

In addition to unlimited game storage, cloud gamers get unlimited cloud saves for all their game data. add cloud save functionality to titles it doesn’t natively support, such as Kena: Bridge of Spirits in the Epic Games Store. So my game saving data is always up to date, backed up, and ready for my next piracy.

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3080 is one of the most sought after GPUs on the planet. Unfortunately, it’s notoriously hard to find, and while you can get one on Amazon, there are a few issues. For starters, they draw up to 320 watts of electricity (RIP your electric bill), they generate enough heat to fry an egg, and they need to be kept cool for good performance. In other words, they are expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, and generally difficult to use.

Or, as is the case with GeForce NOW, you can avoid all of those shortcomings and get the power of a GeForce RTX 3080 streamed to your devices via the cloud. For $ 19.99 per month, GeForce NOW’s RTX 3080 tier delivers high performance graphics, stability, and ray tracing not only to my computer, but also to my phone, tablet, and TV. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about enabling it, cooling it down, or maintaining it-NVIDIA takes care of all of that for me, leaving me free to enjoy my games.

More updates

Gaming hardware is expensive enough on its own. The cost increases even more when you consider the time, money, and effort required to maintain this equipment and upgrade it when it is exhausted. For decades, it was common to rush to buy the latest and greatest GPUs and consoles once they hit the market, but things don’t have to be that way.

Just as NVIDIA keeps the RTX 3080 I use for streaming games to my devices, the company will also update my rig when the time comes. This means that at some point in the not too distant future, I’ll get a 40-series GPU without having to search, buy it, swap it on my desk, and keep it. NVIDIA takes care of everything so I can enjoy the best performance while saving a lot of money and avoiding the headaches I might have experienced buying a new GPU.

There are several cloud gaming platforms, but only one I consider the best. GeForce NOW offers the most games (1,300 free and paid titles from places like Steam, Epic Games Store, and Ubisoft Connect), the best performance, and the widest regional coverage compared to Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.

Its performance may vary depending on your location and Wi-Fi connection, but there is only one way to be sure. Try GeForce NOW for free with the Basic tier, or unlock more power and features with the Priority tier for $ 9.99 per month or the RTX 3080 tier for $ 19.99 per month.

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