Vinexposium launches Bordeaux into an international reflection on wines and spirits

The second edition of the “Act for Change” symposium takes place on June 20 and 21, at the Cité mondial du vin. Created in 2019 at the initiative of Vinexposium, this event will draw attention to the wine and spirits sector around the world. Divided into five sessions, these two days first focused on the evolution of consumers ’taste, not only for the drink they buy but also on its packaging, the bottle. Before addressing the impact of climate change on the production of wines and spirits.

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The second day will discuss the role of innovation in changing cultural and oenological practices as well as the revolution in the distribution of wine and spirits in the world of tomorrow, based on the first conclusions on Monday. Between 2019 and 2022, the Covid-19 pandemic took the time to disrupt all alcohol and spirit markets before inflation returned again during the post-lockdown economic recovery, then fixed it using weapons and baggage in the European landscape since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, on 24 February.

A wine and spirits sector at the heart of the news

“Our sector addresses all the challenges of today’s world, through, in particular, climate change: with frost, hail, mold or even hydraulic stress. To which we must add the Covid-19 pandemic. , which cut off our export outlets but also France with the closure of the network of cafes, hotels and restaurants (CHR) .We must add to this list the war in Ukraine, with its consequences “, dissects for La Tribune Rodolphe Lameyse, general manager of Vinexposium.

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The cloud of these problems is only the external framework of the wine and spirits market in France, the most visible part of it. Because there are deeper challenges that this sector must meet in order to hope to thrive in the coming years, or survive.

“In addition to all these elements that make up production, we must worry about the evolution of consumer expectations, the taste of what they want to drink. But also respect for the environment”, so completed in component the CEO of Vinexposium.

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“Vinexpo’s business went to Paris, but the world is meeting in Bordeaux”

For Rodolphe Lameyse there was no chance. The simultaneous pressure of new environmental and climatic regulatory barriers, combined with customer expectations, is so strong that, according to him, it is pushing the French wine and spirits sector ahead of agroecology. Put on track in 2020, Vinexposium marked the end of the emblematic Bordeaux trade fair Vinexpo, created by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1981, and dominated for decades at international trade fairs dedicated to wines thanks to its partnerships, especially. including Hong Kong.

As a result of the merger between Vinexpo Holding and Comexposium, in Paris, the third largest wine and spirits fair in the world, Vinexposium aims to establish itself at the first step of the world ranking. But with this historic change, the business formerly developed by Vinexpo in Bordeaux has moved to Paris. Hence the importance of this symposium, which will take place at the opening of the Bordeaux Fête le Vin, from 23 to 26, where one million visitors are expected.

“We expect many speakers from South Africa and California at this symposium. True, Vinexpo’s business has gone to Paris, but the world is meeting in Bordeaux to discuss key issues. Of the sector, to make foresight. Bordeaux is a beacon, a center of reflection and this symposium is the event we need ”, explained the general manager.

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