Schneider Electric optimizes Distributed Energy Resource (DER) management through a comprehensive Grid to Prosumer approach

  • The new approach maximizes network flexibility using the industry’s most comprehensive integrated solution for DER management

  • The AutoGrid and Uplight Partnership Strengthens the Company’s Leadership Position in Grid Management and Microgrid Solutions

  • The solution Prosumer Grid combines the three pillars of DER management: network optimization, service flexibility and prosumer engagement

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, June 20, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Schneider Electric, a global leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, presents a solution Prosumer Grida comprehensive DER management strategy to maximize the connectivity and value of renewable, energy storage and electric vehicles.

Network modernization is increasingly a matter of supply and demand management on the network side, on both sides of the customer meter. This requires new approaches in terms of engagement, planning and design, optimization and maintenance, evaluation and automation, all in a progressive and integrated approach. The new approach Prosumer network (Grid to Prosumer)from Schneider Electric, simplifies DER lifecycle management with simple to complex workflows and use cases that optimize DERs according to energy market needs, grid constraints and energy priorities. prosumers.

Schneider Electric has also expanded its EcoStruxure Grid portfolio for future grids with strategic partners: AutoGrid for flexibility services and virtual power plants, and Uplight for prosumer engagement and demand management. The approach Prosumer grid offers a comprehensive solution for DER management that connects business functions with a holistic view of network data management, based on value and use cases.

Schneider Electric recognizes that as the complexity of grid management increases, it is more critical to address utility challenges as a whole. », said Scott Koehler, vice president of global digital network strategy at Schneider Electric. ” With a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that guide our vision for future networks, the Grid to Prosumer approach considers supply and demand needs enabling utilities and prosumers with more flexible options. and scalable for a more reliable, efficient, sustainable and flexible network. »

A comprehensive integrated approach to DER management

  • Modeling – DER types, sizes, locations, and availability are shared so that all necessary business functions, such as customer service, asset management, planning and operations, benefit from the most up-to-date view. . It covers adding and removing RED, updating availability status, reconfiguring network reconfiguration, and more.

  • Situation Awareness – Visibility can now include RED status and timing of events for demand management activities. For example, when a demand reduction event is scheduled, details such as timing, duration and size of the event are integrated into the planning and operations systems.

  • Planning – Improves the efficiency of processing connection requests from new customers and makes it possible to assess the reception capacity available at all network locations. Let’s examine all options for increasing capacity, including non-wired solutions.

  • Managing barriers in real time and by anticipation – Determines constraints in real time, anticipates future constraints and determines mitigation parameters and network optimization schedule: DER group of area concerned, increase/decrease of load/production and schedule. Then, flexibility services share assets, directly or through aggregators, according to prioritization and optimization parameters to meet demand.

  • Dynamic operational constraints -Provides upper and lower limits on electricity imports or exports for each DER or group of DERs. This more dynamic approach combined with flexibility services fits upper and lower limits in short and precise time intervals.

  • Flexibility markets – DER optimization requests are integrated with flexibility markets to promote the auction process to prosumers. This results in a list of resources available to meet that request. At the appointed time, REDs are distributed according to the terms of the designated offer.

Integrated EcoStruxure Grid solutions for future networks that directly support the strategy Prosumer Grid include EcoStruxure ™ DERMS for grid optimization, AutoGrid Flex for flexibility services and Virtual Power Plants, Uplight Orchestrated Energy and Energy Profiler Online for prosumer engagement and demand management, and EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor for managing micro networks.

Schneider Electric’s range of EcoStruxure Grid solutions for the grids of the future illustrates the company’s commitment to a more digital and electric world and, along with strategy Prosumer Gridit promotes the growth of distributed energy sources, microgrids, energy communities, and other flexible resources throughout digitally planned, designed, and operated lifecycles.

To learn more about Schneider Electric’s vision for the networks of the future, download our e-guide detailing the complete approach to Prosumer Grid for RED management, or visit

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