Oracle inaugurated its second cloud in France with AWS on the sights

Based in the Paris region, it completes the first infrastructure launched in November 2021 in Marseille. This is the 38th cloud region opened by the American group in the world.

Oracle is advancing its pawns on the French cloud chessboard. After opening the first cloud region in Marseille in August 2021, Larry Ellison’s group officially inaugurated the second on June 20. It is currently located in Ile-de-France. Functional since 1eh June, some customers took it. “All of our regions are equipped with the same server and network infrastructure, but also the same service offer (that’s not the case with Amazon Web Services, the editor notes). This approach allows us to implement them very quickly. We have delivered 11 in the last 6 months. It brings our cloud to 38 regions around the world, ”said Régis Louis, Vice President of Oracle Cloud Strategy in EMEA.

Oracle’s standardization policy is also beneficial on the client side. Why? Because it makes application deployment transparent regardless of region, the underlying technological base is strictly the same, from hardware to software. By the same logic, the prices charged are the same in all locations. The Paris region is no exception. “This is another aspect of diversity that translates into excellent cost predictability in the context of multi-region deployments”, argues Régis Louis.

Stand out from AWS

Unlike other Oracle cloud regions, such as London or Frankfurt, Paris’s infrastructure is limited, as in Marseille, to a single availability zone. Translation: it is hosted in a single datacenter. As in Marseille, it revolves around three areas of failure. Domains where all software, machine and network resources are duplicated. Purpose stated by Oracle: support applications or databases with high usability (distributed and replicated in active-passive, active-active mode). “The customer can select the parts of the application he or she wants to attach to each failure domain”, Régis Louis specified.

To manage recovery in the event of a disaster, customers present in our Ile-de-France cloud region can rely on Marseille, and vice versa. This is another factor in the difference with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which currently offers a single cloud region in France. It is certainly spread over three availability zones, but they are all based in data centers located in Ile-de-France. “Having a disaster recovery service in two data centers separated by several hundred kilometers is essential for customers wishing to find critical applications exclusively in France in our cloud”, stressed Régis Louis.

“Our price / performance ratio allows us to recruit SMEs, start-ups, but also local authorities who have not been clients until now”

Calculation, storage, network, Autonomous Database, Toilet as a Service, Function as a Service, CI/CD, machine learning … Positioning itself as a cloud generalist, Oracle offers a wide range of services , as mentioned above, is all available in its Paris region. “Our price / performance ratio allows us to recruit SMEs, start-ups, but also local authorities who have not been customers until now”, acknowledges Régis Louis. Unlike AWS, Oracle Cloud does not charge for outgoing data up to 10 TB per month. Furthermore, pricing is limited to $ 0.0085 per TB. On AWS, EC2 outbound transit costs between $ 0.05 and $ 0.09 per GB depending on the amount of data.

Like other cloud giants, Oracle has not built data centers to place its cloud regions in France. In Marseille, the group chose the Interxion data center located in the heart of Marseille. An infrastructure has cooled since November 2021 thanks to an underground river. For his Paris region, he turned to the same supplier. It chose its most recent French campus, located in La Courneuve: the Paris digital Park. Cooled by ambient air, it is equipped with emergency electric generators powered by HVO100, a vegetable oil fuel (HVO100 for hydrotreated vegetable oil). “Our strategy is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025,” Régis Louis said to explain these options, before adding: “With this logic of sustainable development, we recycle 99.6% of our servers . ” Machines that, let’s remember, were designed by the group.

Coming soon to have a connection to Azure?

Following a global partnership signed with Microsoft, Oracle has begun connecting some of its cloud regions to Microsoft’s cloud (Azure). This is the case of Amsterdam, London or Frankfurt. Are gateways planned between Azure and the two regions of France? “A number of customers have expressed a desire to have this interconnection in Paris and potentially in Marseille. Therefore this is a topic that we are studying carefully. A dozen Oracle regions are currently connected to Azure”, he said. Régis Louis. “We make the decision on a case-by-case basis in close collaboration with Microsoft as long as it is a joint investment. Microsoft customers must also express the need for it.”

In terms of support services, Oracle provides its customers with teams of French engineers responsible for monitoring their deployment in its French regions. The group also relies on a network of 450 partners based in the country to support them. They are both large ESNs like Atos, GSI and Capgemini as well as more local players like Easyteam or Digora. At all levels, Oracle is honing its weapons to stand up to Amazon.

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