Oracle has formalized the opening of its second cloud region in France

Although Google will officially announce the opening of its France region on June 30, Oracle beat them to the post by announcing the opening of its second cloud region, in Paris!

On June 20, Oracle formalized the opening of its 38th region, the second in France after Marseille (opened in November 2021). Currently located in the Paris region of La Courneuve, the new region of “Oracle Cloud Paris” is ” give Oracle customers and partners in Europe access to a broad portfolio of cloud services, with built-in security, disaster recovery management and one of the best price/performance ratios in the industry according to the editor.

This new Paris region further strengthens Oracle Cloud’s European network, which already includes more than ten cloud regions such as Marseille, Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Amsterdam, Milan, Stockholm and Newport (Wales) in service. that, and Madrid (expected this year). All Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services are available there to provide European and French organizations with lower latency rates and more resiliency options for their applications.

According to the publisher, ” the Oracle Cloud Paris region helps meet regulatory compliance requirements, which are particularly critical to banking and the public sector. Available services include Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, among others. “.But of course, this solution does not follow the definition of the trusted cloud and the barriers imposed on the French administrations as well as the critical workloads of the OIVs and OSEs.

Organizations have reached a critical milestone in how they deploy data for strategic planning and operations “, explained Christophe Negrier, Managing Director of Oracle France.” Oracle helps its customers implement a “cloud first” approach, to be more sustainable and grow faster while enhancing their security thanks to two Oracle Cloud regions in France and 38 cloud regions around the world . »

This opening has long been announced. In fact, in order to provide maximum stability to real availability domains, Oracle typically tries to open two regions in each covered country. Therefore, the rule is now respected in France.

In addition, Oracle Cloud confirms that this Paris region is – as previously announced – powered by “100% renewable” energies. A reality that is part of a larger desire: Oracle plans to enable all Oracle Cloud regions around the world (as well as its offices) with 100% renewable energy by 2025.
At the same time, the publisher recalls that, as part of its Clean Cloud initiative based on renewable energy, it reused or recycled 99.6% of its out-of-service equipment in fiscal year 2021. is recycled accordingly. in the strict deletion process in order to maintain the confidentiality and security of the data stored there.

Oracle plans to have 44 OCI regions worldwide by the end of the year including new regions including Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile as well as Israel.

As a reminder, Google will announce the opening of its first region in France on June 30 and may, in this case, provide some additional information on the 2024 opening of the sovereign cloud based on its technologies and managed by Thales.

In addition, it should also be noted that Azure and AWS both have a region of France: in both cases, it was built around 3 Parisian datacenters and 1 Marseilles datacenter to offer the stability that their customers expect.


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