How CMA CGM trains its employees in ecological transition

How do you achieve carbon neutrality when running an industry known as one of the most polluting on the planet? Also in this sector, the keys are the end of silos and digital tools, especially the cloud. As proof, number three in container shipping, CMA CGM, has invested in cleaner ships and plans to transform its entire fleet by 2050. “We also need to convert people’s minds”, Claire insisted. Martin, vice-sustainability president of the group.

To achieve this goal, the ship owner called on Mao Boa to develop a collaborative program called “My CMA CGM Group Daily Impact” aimed at mobilizing and raising the awareness of its 110,000 employees. The start-up is well known to the group: incubated for two years at Kedge’s Business Nursery, it has matured in the corridors of the Zebox accelerator created by Rodolphe Saadé, president of CMA CGM, to facilitate market launch breakthrough innovations.

Digitize and gamify impact engagement

Its principle is to offer budding bosses a premium professional network to facilitate co-development and the creation of business opportunities. “Zebox is not just a place to meet emerging bosses, but a device intended to bring them closer to large companies to give their model every chance to reach their market”, explains one of its managers. , Aurora Pullini.

The Story: CMA CGM are the kings of the navy

Mao Boa’s consists in digitizing and mobilizing a commitment to make an impact on companies thanks to a fun program, which helps to unite employees in their company’s CSR policy. The more challenges they face, the more euros they earn for an association they love. At CMA CGM, the operation will gradually be launched by the end of 2023. Since November 2021, the first 400 ambassadors posted in the 52 countries where the group is active must face personal and collective challenges each week about in their carbon footprint. A hundred challenges await them: individually deleting 50 MB of useless data on servers, going to work in “low carbon” mode, vegetarian lunch, etc.

Make promises your points

They are also invited to consider sustainable group changes and suggest transition solutions that have not yet been considered. Since the operation began in November, these pioneers have come up with about forty new ideas. Five were proposed to the shipowner’s CSR department, which will retain only the most relevant. These include, for example, the installation of marine waste collection nets docked on container ships. After this first round of awareness-raising, Mao Boa recently started deploying its solution to CMA CGM sales agents. Then comes the turn of the aircrew in September and of the whole group next January.

Each personal challenge carried out will allow them to earn points made financial donations for organizations dedicated to environmental protection, education and solidarity. At least 100,000 euros should be set aside for associations such as Les Apprentis d’Auteuil, Architectes Sans Frontières and Planète Mer. The gains are also measured in terms of ecological footprint: within a few months, the operation has been able to prevent the release of more than 12 tonnes of CO equivalent.2.

“In this system, we mobilize human capital, motivation and commitment to change the company. Organizations that succeed in building a more inclusive and sustainable model will be the best equipped to face future challenges, ”explained Maxime Marchand, founding president of Mao Boa.

According to a survey by the Cone Communications agency, 55% of employees (and up to 76% of Millennials) say that a company’s social or environmental commitment is now a criterion that is as important, if not more, than at the salary level. And 73% want to participate in CSR actions at their company according to another study published by Korn Ferry, the international talent management consulting firm.

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