DNA, a Leading Telecom Service Provider in Finland, selects Universal Electronics for its Award-Winning Android TV Remote

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, June 20, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) (NASDAQ: UEIC), a global leader in wireless universal control solutions for home entertainment and smart home devices, has been selected by DNA, a in Finland, to launch UEI’s award-winning Android TV remote control, UEI KITA .

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Finland’s DNA selects Universal Electronics for its Award-Winning Android TV Controller. The UEI KITA controller for Android TV has received the prestigious “RedDot” award for its outstanding-unique fit, look and function. The elegant design fits perfectly in the hands of users due to its thin rechargeable battery which makes the product thinner and easier to handle than ordinary remote controls. (Photo: BusinessWire)

The UEI KITA remote control for Android TV has received the prestigious “RedDot” award for its outstanding-unique ergonomics, appearance and functionality. The sleek design fits perfectly in the user’s hands, thanks to its sheer rechargeable battery, which allows for a better grip and better than ordinary remote controls. With the goal of designing durable and eco-friendly products, the UEI KITA remote control can save up to dozens of disposable batteries throughout its life in typical consumer use situations, compared to ordinary remote controls. there are disposable batteries, thanks to its express charging via a USB-C cable, only 2 or 3 times a year.

Advanced product technology includes wireless, Bluetooth Smart and infrared connectivity; high precision voice control; an innovative backlit keyboard; and UEI’s QuickSet Cloud® platform, which is the world’s only automated device detection technology for controlling TVs and audio receivers without user intervention. Using innovative technology and premium materials, added to soft coatings, UEI KITA boasts high-quality design and provides a velvety tactile feel with every click.

As the largest cable operator and leading pay-TV provider on cable networks, with more than 4 million mobile and fixed network subscribers, DNA has a proven track record of bringing easy-to-use technologies to a wider audience. “Adding the UEI KITA Remote to our product showcase allows DNA to exceed our customers’ expectations for next-generation, environmentally friendly technology and to make their lives easier, ”said Ville Partanen , Director of DNA Product Development.

“It’s only natural for DNA to be the first vendor to introduce UEI’s flagship Android remote to its customers,” said Kuldip Johal, UEI’s vice president of sales for video service providers. “UEI KITA’s advanced, consumer-centric technology is part of DNA’s focus on sustainability, and its relentless initiatives to launch a super-easy user experience, with all the premium look and feel.»

To learn more about UEI KITA Android remote control DNA user manual, click here.

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