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VivaTech is back. After the fifth edition marked by Covid, the largest European tech fair, organized by Publicis and the group “Les Echos-Le Parisien”, was full: 91,000 physical visitors and more than 300,000 connected. “This edition exceeded all our expectations. When we started the organization, we were still in the middle of Covid. We didn’t know if people would come. Ultimately, yes, they wanted to come together,” rejoices Julie Ranty, director of VivaTech.

The President of the Republic, a regular at the event, shared his pride during an intervention on stage with four French Tech entrepreneurs. “This Salon has been an extraordinary event, quite similar to the transformation of the French ecosystem,” said Emmanuel Macron, who also set a new goal of 100 unicorns, including 25 “green”, until 2030.

An ambitious figure, as fundraising has slowed since the beginning of the year. “We’re all going to lose companies within our portfolio. This recession is only speeding up the process,” Joe Schoendorf, partner at Accel Partners, said in a panel discussion. Many venture capital funds from around the world came to the Show, from Norwegian Northzone to Japanese Softbank and Israeli Catalyst Investments.

VivaTech has also attracted major international groups that have competed with the imagination for their stances. Google chose the garden, LVMH (owner of “Echos”) bet on a completely dark blue decor and the Binance cryptocurrency platform stands out with its wheel of fortune that allows you to win sweaters, pens or even NFT, these digital tokens can be tracked on the blockchain.

A sign of the times, some automotive giants like Renault or Audi, which now regularly skip motor shows, have presented themselves at VivaTech with stands larger than a Tesla that don’t have to give of oneself badly to attract “geeks”.

From Web3 to all hallways

Web3 (crypto, metaverse, blockchain, etc.), which is driving the world of technology crazy and beyond, also floated on the air at the Show. Importantly, Meta offered to try out a meeting – of course virtual – in Horizon Workrooms. A convincing experience specifically associated with hand synchronization, guaranteeing better immersion.

Who said the metaverse says “NFT” and an unexpected change from TAG Heuer. The luxury watch manufacturer offers, on its connected models, to showcase its latest “Bored Ape Yacht Club” NFT in the same way as on Twitter.

Between the virtual reality training of Uptale or Reality Academy start-ups immersing the wearer of a VR mask inside an Amazon warehouse, one of the highlights is undoubtedly the surprise appearance, in the hologram, of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Surprisingly, finally, this screen from Dutch start-up Dimenco has achieved the success of displaying 3D content without having to wear special glasses.

The urgency of ecological migration

“You must continue to help us participate in the great challenges of the century, be it digital transformation, ecological transition and health challenges,” said Emmanuel Macron. Exactly, VivaTech has more highlighted greentechs. From day one, the government announced the new promotion of Green20, the French Tech program that specializes in green start-ups. A total of 22 nuggets working on ecological transition, decarbonization, energy, agriculture or even industry were selected.

LVMH, BNP Paribas, EDF interact with start-ups

Several dedicated stands unveiled great innovations, such as the “low-carbon park EDF” where the Spanish company Bioo, for example, demonstrated its solution for the natural organic decomposition of plants turned into energy sources .

VivaTech is also the show that celebrates collaborations between start -ups – half of which are from overseas – and large groups. “Technology is more mature, the ecosystem is evolving frenzy. We went from ‘proof of concept’ (proof of concept, editor’s note) to real structural integration,” Julie Ranty said. are we close to start-ups and technology? wonders Bernard Arnault, CEO of luxury giant LVMH that manages dozens of homes whose roots are often more than a century old.Because we share the same values : creativity, quality, entrepreneurial spirit. We have the same energy, the same agility and the same desire to grow, “he explained when presenting the LVMH Innovation Award to start-up Toshi which specializes in omnichannel solutions. BNP Paribas has released a complete expense report management solution integrated with the professional card, in partnership with fintech Expensya.

For all the large groups in the midst of a talent war, VivaTech asserts itself as an increasingly important showcase. Welcoming start-ups to its stand helps build links and professional days as the general public day on Saturday is also an opportunity to show young graduates that big companies also know how to innovate.

“The particularity of VivaTech is that most start-ups that hold a stand don’t pay for their presence like at other fairs. They are there, inviting large groups to choose them. This makes it possible to make a kind of qualitative sorting, explains Vincent Ducrey who heads the Hub Institute, the digital and impact think tank that organizes hundreds of visits during the Show for the management teams of many multinationals.VivaTech is a unique show there are round tables, presentations in the Ted Talk format, debates, ”he added.

At VivaTech, for example, we heard the debate between Stanislas Niox-Chateau, the founder of Doctolib, and Sumbul Desai, the leader of all health activity at Apple. They are convinced that in order to meet the challenges we face, such as health, digital needs to be part of the solution and help transform an industry that is just at the beginning of its digital revolution. “VivaTech asserts itself as a show that demonstrates that tech will allow us to respond, at least in part, to key societal challenges,” argues July Ranty, leaving her post this year to pursue his own business venture. And François Bitouzet, general manager of PublicisLive, took over.

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