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What do you get when you take an ordinary family butcher and then add the secret ingredients of a coffee shop? We just finished a “beucherie”. The kind of establishment where it is possible to order pot roast, rospliff, shepherd’s pie and of course pastraweed. But to benefit from all these wonders, it is necessary stand in front of an episode of Family Business.

Credits: Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix

Netflix broadcast since June 28, 2019, Family Business is a French series, created by Igor Gotesman, that immerses viewers in the fun daily life of a completely crazy family. Pushed by Joseph, the eldest son of the family, the Hazans decided turn their kosher butcher shop into a cannabis shop. This will be the beginning of a series of false adventures marked by sequences in which the ridiculous is pushed to its climax. After two seasons of being publicly accepted, the series unfortunately decided definitely stopped in the third season.

Therefore, we suggest that you rediscover what is likely the last season of stories from beucherie Hazan and of this Franco-Jewish family that is certainly limitless. Here is also important information about season 3 of Family Business.

What’s the latest in the Family Business series?

Credits: Netflix
  • October 2, 2020 : Netflix announced that Family Business will be renewed for the third season which will be the last of the series.
  • Oct. 8, 2021 : broadcast on Netflix of season 3 of the series.

Official Release Date of Family Business Season 3

Since October 8, 2021, the third season of the series has become available on the video-on-demand platform, Netflix. This includes a total of six stages whose duration varies between 33 and 39 minutes.

Family Business season 3 cast

Credits: Netflix

Here is the list of actors who will be seen in the final season of the series:

  • jonathan cohen : Joseph
  • Gerard Darmon : Gerard
  • Julia Piaton : Aurora
  • Liliane Rovere : Ludmyla
  • Olivier Rosemberg : Olivier
  • Louise Coldefy : Clementine
  • Alexandra Vandernoot : Catherine still called Pénélope Cavillan
  • Lina El Arabi : Aida
  • Ali Marhyar | : Ali
  • Osama Kheddam : Youssef Benkikir
  • Raphael Quenard : Leonard
  • Ariane Mourier : Élodie, the cop
  • Enrico Macias : himself
  • Tamar Baruch | : Jaures
  • Philippe Dusseau : Mr. Cendron, Minister of Health and father of Clémentine
  • Raphael Quenard : Leonardo
  • Jochen Haegele : the doctor
  • Miglen Mirchev : Mr. Finanouk
  • Adrian Wadih | : the man from the cemetery
  • Denis Brogniart : himself
  • Thierry Moya : Miguel

Summary of season 3 of Family Business?

The end of season 2 left Hazan in another mess. Catherine, Gérard’s new girlfriend, whose name is instead Penelope Cavillan, kidnapped the entire family. The first episode of season 3 shows that the beucherie owners are held in a reclusive monastery that may be in a country in South America…

Credits: Netflix

on the spot, introduced them to Guzman who would be the leader of a large Colombian cartel. Ludmyla who joined the family later, was removed from the group and now forced to make Pastraweed in Jessie Pinkman mode, but no chains of course (you shouldn’t push grandma with nettles). Meanwhile, Aure, Joseph, Gérard and Olivier find themselves trapped in the monastery, under the threat of Leonardo, the daughter of Catherine (Penelope). The latter, considered useless now that they had acquired Ludmyla and the famous Pastraweed, wanted sell the organs of another family member.

What can be done to prevent going into billiards and feeding a dark organ trafficking network? The rest of Hazan is said to have developed hallucinogenic fungi. They promised Leonardo that he would do more, if he would let them stay alive. This is while they just gave Catherine’s bad son the mushrooms they discovered behind a pipe in the monastery. The most important thing is to save time. Leonard took the bait and they are given two weeks to produce more mushrooms.

Meanwhile, Clémentine, Youssef and Aïda are doing everything they can to save the whole family. While beside him, Catherine is playing a double game. Confined to the Hazans, he tried to convince his future new in -laws not to try to escape. While Joseph and Oliver were preparing the famous FalafeLSD, they decided to do it build a bomb to tear down a monastery wall. This will allow them to know where they really are and ask for help. At this time, it was announced to viewers thatthey were prisoners in Corsica.

Credits: Netflix

At the same time, Clémentine and Youssef succeeded in cracking down on network organ trafficking. get through the monastery pretending doctors. From this moment on, the situation is completely spinning. Joseph and Olivier’s bomb failed. worse, missing all stock of FalafeLSD they had prepared. Later, Olivier discovers, under the action of a truth serum, that Olivier is his father …

For his part, Joseph begins by doubting Catherine after noticing her, the same tattoo on Leonardo. Gérard by his side, indifferent, he asked his beautiful Catherine at the wedding. Finally, Clémentine and Youssef who take over the two German surgeons remove from Hazan some organs to find Joseph and everyone else. They tied up an escape plan with Catherine. But this one failed to intervene in Leonardo’s extremis. So that her son would not be angry, Penelope, calm down telling him that he was on his side and he did everything to prevent the Hazan from escaping.

Credits: Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix

His deception works as Leonardo lowers his guard. But what he didn’t know, his mother’s love for Gérard was stronger than anything else. He stole his gun after he was called a manipulator. This allows you to escape on a boat in the company of the whole family Hazan, Youssef and Clémentine. Later, she married Gérard on the boat. All is well That ends well! Not at all because the series once again took an unexpected detour. Clementine, after saying Molotov instead of Mazel Tov, threw a Molotov cocktail on the deck of the boat. The latter is burning and completely burning. Which means the death of everyone on the boat.

That’s what we believe untilwe see Joseph disguised as a rabbi and who announced to Aida that the whole gang was alive and well. They mimicked their own death to be able to wait patiently for the wrong roles that would allow them fled to thailand.

The official trailer

Here is the video that allowed Netflix to promote Family Business Season 3:

What can we expect from the series in the future?

At the stage where we are, there is no hope for the future of different Family Business characters. The series clearly made rounds of various possible plots. Therefore, we are unlikely to have a spin-off taken from the original author.

Credits: Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix

Unless under pressure from fans, Netflix decided to extend the fun as we’ve seen in the past with other series. We will let you know if this happens. Waiting, enjoy the first three seasons which is all available on Netflix France.

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