How to become a certified Microsoft data analyst associate in 3 days

The title of Certified Microsoft Data Analyst Associate offers many professional opportunities. To get it, you need to pass the Microsoft DA-100 certification exam. To put the odds on your side, it is recommended to take practice to prepare for the exam.

Thanks to new technologies, companies have access to vast amounts of data. Smartphones, e-commerce, social networks or even connected watches make up this “Big Data”.

By using it, optimal data -based decisions can be made. This is why companies in all industries are now looking for experts: Data Analysts.

These professionals have mastered the techniques and tools toanalyze the data and get relevant information from it. Their knowledge is essential to reflect the full amount of data.

There are credentials that demonstrate the capabilities of a Data Analyst, such as Microsoft DA-100 certification. Highly sought after in business, this certification proves the excellence of Microsoft’s Power BI tool.

What is Power BI?

There are various data analysis tools. One of the most popular is Microsoft Power BI.

The complete Business Intelligence (business intelligence) solution developed by Microsoft makes that possible collect data from a wide variety of sources and analyze it.

Subsequently, Power BI also allows you to create graphs and diagrams from the results, in other words, data visualizations. It is also possible to generate reports and dashboards.

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A dashboard system makes it possible to follow the evolution of data, and users can make requests to ask them questions. The functions are multiple.

Thus, Power BI is very useful for businesses. It helps to discover growth opportunities, better understand demand or identify market trends from data.

However, using Power BI requires expertise. Microsoft DA-100 certification validates this skill.

What is the Microsoft DA-100 certification?

Like other large IT companies, Microsoft offers a portfolio of industry certifications for its various software. These titles demonstrate excellence in a tool, and are recognized by companies.

Microsoft DA-100 certification proves expertise in data analysis using Power BI. This allows you to obtain Data Analyst Associate certification.

This certification is ideal for starting retraining or starting a career in the world of data science. This shows that its holder can set up and manage a Business Intelligence solution for the company.

Requirements for taking the Microsoft DA-100 exam

To get the certification, you need to pass the Microsoft DA-100 exam. This quiz consists of answering approximately sixty questions in 180 minutes. These are multiple choice or multiple answer questions.

It is important to know how to model, transform and visualize data using Power BI. Candidates should also know how to recommend measures to meet the company’s needs, through case studies.

An official document published by Microsoft lists 116 skills required to pass the exam. The questions can be related to any of these skills.

So you must learn to use Power BI to pass this exam. The features of this tool should be no secrets for you, and you should know how to choose the right approach in every situation.

What training should I take to prepare for the DA-100 exam?

There are various ways to prepare to pass the Microsoft DA-100 exam. The most important thing is to become familiar with Power BI by using it.

When reviewing, it will be easier to remember a feature you actually used. Simple reading of tutorials is rare enough.

You can refer to the free official courses offered by Microsoft, to get the basics. However, in order to prepare for the exam faster, it is recommended to opt for a bootcamp-type training. In this type of program, three days of intensive Power BI training is enough to pass the Microsoft DA-100 exam. This is therefore an ideal way to give weight to your CV, at a time when demand is still at its highest.

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