Blockchain, cybersecurity, cloud, machine learning, and DevOps will be among the most in-demand tech practices in 2022 According to a Comptia report

The tech industry has become a popular choice for employees who want to participate in an innovative industry and earn money while doing so. With 33% of the global technology industry, the United States remains the world’s largest market, with a total value of its market share estimated by Comptia at approximately $ 1.8 trillion.

This data is taken from a report released recently by Comptia, which suggests that the tech industry is growing at a steady rate of 5-6%, indicating a return to pre-pandemic levels. This means that the value of the global industry is likely to exceed $ 5.3 trillion by the end of the year, and employment in the sector is likely to follow. The tech industry is a popular choice for applicants, for better job prospects and greater job security.

Some tech jobs are expected to grow five times this year, and the overall employment rate in this sector is twice the national average. Despite this, it is not possible to get a job in the technology sector without first learning some necessary skills. There are ten key competencies that tech companies are recruiting candidates for right now, and the blockchain is clearly an area of ​​high demand.

Cybersecurity is also a very useful skill available if you want a job in technology, and many skills are also focused on the back-end of computing. This includes things like cloud computing, machine learning, data science and analytics, and software engineering.

Smartphone-oriented skills are also a great way to get high-paying tech jobs. Android and iOS developers are pretty well paid, and they also have great remote job opportunities due to the decentralized nature of the job. User experience and user interface skills are also highly valued in the technology industry, as well as augmented reality and virtual reality specialists, due to the growing importance of these technologies in the context of the rising metaverse. DevOps skills are also important for getting the best job technology to offer.

Focusing more on AR and VR, the metaverse alone is expected to create hundreds of billions of dollars in value, and jobs associated with this sector will be as lucrative. The metaverse market is expected to reach approximately $ 678 billion by the start of the next decade, and many of these jobs will create satellite roles that will also need to be filled.

It is estimated that for every new individual job in the software development industry, nearly five additional jobs, or 4.8 to be precise, are created for support roles. This means technology experts can climb the ladder toward a supporting role as they gain the experience needed for large -scale jobs.

This shows that the technology sector not only creates a lot of jobs for the graduates, but it also contributes significantly to the economy. Many of these high-paying jobs do not require a college education, and many start-ups prefer to hire self-taught coders and programmers.

As such, it opens up many possibilities for people who want to enter the world of technology. These types of jobs are on the rise, and it won’t be long before the scope of these roles increases as technology becomes an increasingly prominent and important aspect of our daily lives. Blockchain, in particular, is expected to see tremendous growth over the next few years.

Source: CompTia

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