Sunny Shark and Wello, two innovative Reunion start-ups at Viva

This is a not to be missed annual conference focused on new technologies and start-ups. The VivaTech show will end this Saturday, June 18 in Paris. With 1,700 start-ups from around the world, two Reunionese companies are each evolving in their own way in the energy field: Sunny Shark and Wello.

In the world of start-ups, there is no secret. To thrive and thrive, you need to know how to attract new investors, from famous “business angels” to the most traditional investment companies.

This is the whole point of the VivaTech show, which closes this Saturday, June 18 at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in Paris, after four days of demonstrations, exchanges and debates. At least 1,700 start-ups from around the world responded to this unmissable event dedicated to technological innovation.

And among them, Sunny Shark and Wello, two young shoots from Reunion that are in the process of expanding nationally, and even soon internationally. As the two companies surf the theme of ecological transition, they are both innovating in unique fields.

Watch Jean-Michel Mazerolle and Emmanuel Gire’s report for Outre-mer La 1ère:

Vivatech: Reunion’s emerging start-ups

In the direction of Emmanuel Quilichini, the company Sunny Shark, created in 2017 at La Possession, aims to optimize water heating in collective swimming pools and water parks, as well as ventilation and dehumidification of buildings. In other words, to optimize their energy expenditure and thus fight waste.

Sunny Shark announces up to 30% energy savings thanks to high-performance software linked to sensors that take into account parameters such as the rate ofmoisture, the previsions of timeorological or hourly energy rates.

Created in La Possession, the Sunny Shark company is built on national territory and aims to position itself in new territories.

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We touched EDF or even the Ministry of Ecological Transition who told us about upcoming calls for projects that could be very interesting for us.“, welcomes Loïc Tachon, who manages Digital Development at Sunny Shark.

Several community representatives also showed interest in their product in this show. And this is again the whole point of this show: “Be visible to our customers and prospects but also to funders for the next stages of the company’s development“, as pointed out by Emmanuel Quilichini.

VivaTech exhibition in Paris

The VivaTech show is an annual conference dedicated to technological innovation and start-ups

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Arnaud Chereau would not say the opposite: president and co-founder of start-up Wello, which sells electric and solar-assisted cargo bikes, benefited from the support of a major financial partner after it participated in the VivaTech exhibition in 2019.

We were fortunate enough to be selected among 7 start-ups presented by KPMG, which allowed us to meet new investors such as our partner Apicap, which allowed us to raise funds and deploy across the country.”, emphasizes the leader who was then present at CES in Las Vegas, the“ big brother ”of the VivaTech show where Wello was recognized on the event’s 10 outstanding innovations.

More than 250 of these cargo bikes have already been sold in Reunion, Mayotte and France. And Wello now intends to tackle the West Indian and Guyanese markets, but also Germany and the Nordic countries. “We have nothing, we have nothing missing!

Reunionese company Wello at the VivaTech show in Paris

The Wello company sells electric and solar-assisted cargo bikes

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