when the tech profession gives wings

A trip to San Francisco opened Antoine Krajnc’s eyes. After training in Artificial Intelligence as an autodidact and holding the position of Business Analyst in Paris, he discovered in this American city a new way of working, where you choose your schedules, your workplace … often his bosses. All for very comfortable wages. A new way of approaching work, its missions and its form. Since becoming a Data Scientist, Antoine Krajc has designed training courses and teaches Data and programming at the Product School, the largest Product bootcamp in the United States.

A revelation. He returned to Paris with a firm ambition to create his own school dedicated to Tech: – “When I wanted to learn code, Data Science, I had to learn everything on my own, and it took me a few years. With this in mind, I quickly understood that it was necessary to give the general public a chance to get started in the sector. by speeding up the training process. Antoine Krajnc then created Jedha, a training school for Tech professions with fast, complete and effective methods: “What I’ve learned in five years, Jedha students are now learning for three months, with constantly updated practice.” Intensive training in the form of a bootcamp, specializing in the fields of the future: Data and Cybersecurity.

Tech, a royal road for retraining professionals

A large portion of Jedha’s students are retraining professionals. Between 25 and 60, they found a second wind in Tech: “They’re often looking for meaning for their second career, and they find there a place with professions where they’re listened to and respected for their skills. It’s very enjoyable for those who have had a hard time. first race. Jedha students also understood that Tech could offer them working conditions that they would not expect elsewhere: “This is a sector where we have more job offers than candidates. It raises wages and only makes working conditions better. ”explanation by Antoine Krajnc.

“Total remote”, face-to-face, “hybrid work” … In most French Tech companies, employees benefit from a particular flexibility in the organization of work. It’s up to them to choose the formula they want, whether it’s working in the office or at home. The same air of freedom on the side of status: “Some of our students are going to get a permanent contract, others want to work as a freelancer, and others want to start their business: in any case, they will find a job when they leave. “explanation of the founder of Jedha.

Professions are open to all profiles

Although more and more French people are starting a career in Tech, some cultural locks remain: “Many still believe that entering this sector is too complicated, as it is an area that can sometimes be opaque, like a black box.explanation by Antoine Krajnc. Others think this is too technical field for them, but no! Atypical profiles are highly valued in the sector because they provide new participants with invaluable dual skills for their prospective employers. ”

Passing through the banks of Jedha, Jean, a former sports trainer, quickly realizes that her first career won’t suit her and makes a 180 degree turn by enrolling in “Essentials” training to train in Data Science. He went to Jedha’s second training level, “Fullstack”. After four months and 12 Data projects, the sports trainer became a Data Analyst and was recruited to a communications company. In this sector under pressure, Jean was able to choose the size of his company: “I have a lot of calls for positions in all kinds of companies, but I want to grow in a small structure. I can hardly cope with all the requests!” Amazing races like Jean, Jedha has dozens of them. Hayet, who is a customer manager at a large pharmaceutical company, also became a Data Scientist, in Paris within Dataiku: “I got my first job the day I finished my course at Jedha!”

The school also provides a third level of training for Tech professionals who want to strengthen their skills: “Lead”, which allows students to get a senior level in the sector they want to explore. “After creating three programs according to the levels‘ Essentials ’,‘ Fullstack ’and‘ Lead ’in Data, we realized, with the advent of the health crisis among others, that Cybersecurity skills are increasingly in demand, in adding to the Data skills of our students. After building their Data infrastructure, our students are able to protect it ”. This is how Jedha designed its Cybersecurity offering, with both skill -based teaching methods, and level -by -level programs. What offers great prospects to employees looking for new professional adventure.

Maddyness, Jedha’s media partner

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