Revel’Home aims for 1 million turnover by 2024

After two years of existence, Revel’Home, a platform for organizing outdoor carpentry work, is launching a fundraiser. The goal? Develop its services, especially for its network of installers, whose number of start-ups is expected to triple by the end of 2022, and thus increase its turnover.

June 2020, Nantes start-up Revel’Home was born. This resulted in the creation of a platform, which aimed to organize and simplify the request and execution of outdoor carpenter work. And this throughout the process, from the manufacturer to the individual customer, including the installers.

Some brand sites offer installation and the interactions of installers with brands are often complicated and time consuming to manage requests. Although there are many in the market, very few manufacturers and installers are interconnected. But the demand from individuals is there the company commented, announcing the development plan for its interface over three years.

A ” trusted third party »Between professional carpenters and private individuals

With its various targets, Revel’Home’s goal is not the same. On the private side, the tool tends to live a serene customer experience with turnkey service tracking from start to finish “.

But more importantly, for joinery installers, running as VSEs/SMEs, or even self-employed, Revel’Home aims to be an organizational tool. Requests for work in their field and area of ​​intervention reach out to them. The professional also has the possibility to follow his files on brands.

All through several features available in the pro version of Revel’Home: dashboard to manage and manage qualified requests, agenda to manage appointments and site tracking, interactive quotes, electronic signatures and secure online payment, instant messaging to exchange with the customer and the platform, managing customer reviews … Enough to save the installer an average of 4 hours per week.

Manufacturers may also see an opportunity to improve ” their partnership with select installers and create a link to the consumer “close. So far, the interface has acquired six major brands: Cetal, Novoferm, Picard Serrures, Soprofen, Volpro and Zilten.

Various requests for carpentry work are covered, with 500 references: entrance doors, garage doors, doors, windows, shutters … Convenient when you already know the supply information , unpredictable in the face of always overwhelming sector shortage, is a challenge for workers, in carpentry as in other construction industries.

Revel’Home expects to triple its network of installers by the end of 2022

Since doing so, Revel’Home has received more than 1,000 requests from individuals, including 300 leads sent to installers. This enabled the validation of 110 quotes for an average basket of € 5,000. 126 approved installers are referenced on the platform, including 30 subscribers.

As expected the platform will triple by the end of 2022 and push to 1,300 in the first quarter of 2025, while increasing its turnover to 1 million euros in 2024.

To meet these ambitions Revel’Home is raising an additional € 200,000 by the end of 2022, specifically used to recruit three people: a salesperson, a communications-marketing officer, and a full-stack developer. .

Thus, the Revel’Home team will consist of eight people involved in future projects, such as creating a second version of its professional application. It will include more features and will be available on tablets and mobile. The company also wants to offer its solution as a white label for brands or manufacturers.

Revel’Home aims to deploy smoothly by navigating the wave of energy renovation, driven by France Rénov ’and rising energy prices. It is also a favorite factor for many investors, as the start-up, the winner of Réseau Entreprendre Nantes, had already raised € 210,000 at the start of the year.

In addition, Revel’Home’s other ambition is to accelerate the digitization of the construction industry. “ Now 30% of professionals are ready for digital. But within three years, 75% of the active population will be the ones who will do everything with their thumbs and the construction world will also have to appeal to the younger generation. “, defending Charles Pellé, founder of the company.

Virginia Kroun

Featured photo: Revel’Home

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