How (and why) Batch and ManoMano care for their young parent employees

The two digital companies are sharing their initiatives in favor of parenting. Promises that make it possible to attract and retain the talents of an age to become parents, or parents already.

Employers understand this well. In this context of intense labor market tension, assessing the quality of working life is important. In tech companies, where the average age is often relatively young (i.e. around their thirties), we especially think of young parents, where we are committed to an adapted policy on teleworking and the end morning or late meetings at the end of the day. And for good reason, the arrival of a child often rhyme with the reconsideration of professional rhythm, the stakes are high.

“Parental care is one of my main job search criteria”

“The attention given to parents is one of my main criteria in finding a job, before salary”, confirms Cécile Beaussant Le Gentil. Last January, the young mother completed seven ongoing recruitment processes to join Batch, a start-up that specializes in sending notifications, as a leader in customer success. “When I admitted in an interview that I didn’t have any form of child care yet, I was told‘ yes but to us it was important to be there until that time ’…’ ’, he recalled.

In Batch, “we chose to contribute instead to the crèche”. Thus, the start-up provides its 120 employees, from the time of trial, a service to help them find the establishment that will accept their children. Putting this concern aside, the employee can devote his or her energy to the mission.

Promises must be made formal

The company based between Paris and Lyon also made a commitment through Parental action, a device proposed in 2020 to provide one month of paid leave to the second parent, when paternity leave is 11 days in France. In 2022, Batch took a new step, by signing the Parent challenge. The latter provides for her, twelve steps, including paid leave of three days in the event of a miscarriage.

Latest project, the creation of a “task force” on parenting. “With the allotted time and money, a cross-functional team of three willing people can do this and make their proposals to Codir”, explains Nicolas Ducharme, chief finance officer and chief people officer. Now, that’s pretty natural because we’re only about a hundred. If we have more tomorrow, we may need to be formalized.

“In hypergrowth, we can only rely on the organic: we must provide a framework to ensure that it is organized”, we agree with ManoMano, a thousand employees and an average age of 32 years. Like Batch, the company is a signatory of the Parental challenge. 30% of its employees are parents.

ManoMano chooses to replace maternity leave departures for “teams don’t get angry”

“The company’s first maternity leave was taken in 2018 or 2019. Three or four mothers came together at that time to ask themselves how to improve all of that,” said Pauline Boët, social & societal responsibility senior lead. ManoMano immediately endorsed the proposal to give an additional month of paid leave, without condition on seniority, to women who have just given birth. ”It also plans to“ not disrupt teams ”to replace all employees who goes on maternity leave, which represents “a big budget”.

The company also decided to give 15 additional days of vacation to the second parent. When the law extends paternity leave to 25 days in July 2021, it keeps this 15 more days, bringing the vacation period to one and a half months. “We’re thinking about how much will be added without it being too costly. In the top of a month and a half, we’ll have to replace the departures”, Pauline Boët slips.

In dealing with employees, policies change. “We ask, before leaving maternity leave, what level of participation the employee wants to maintain, the manager indicates. The founder told a future mother that ‘No, no, when you’re on mat leave, you’re not we’ll be contacted, we’ll let you have fun. ‘ He replied that on the contrary, he wanted to keep his team informed of major changes, especially about his budget.

A mentoring program completes all the steps taken and puts parents and new parents in touch with each other wanting. Pauline Boët took advantage of this herself: “I wanted to have feedback from someone in an important position, he was in the 4/5ths.” What about recruitment and retention? “It certainly helps us, these are positive signals that seduce from the interview. The women who are pregnant have come to our house,” she underlines.

For Céline Beaussant Le Gentil de Batch, the beauty of such attention to the welfare of parents is that it benefits everyone, “otherwise, it will be discrimination”. “Scheduling a doctor’s appointment, doing a few days of telecommuting to take care of a sick loved one … I’ll have the same level of attention for non-parents: if I leave early, everyone has a right do it. ”, insisted the customer success leader.

At Batch, we also offer employees the option to telecommute wherever they wish for three weeks a year, on the only condition that there is a maximum 3 hour time difference. An advantage that benefits everyone therefore: “parents take the opportunity to join their children with grandparents, others take the opportunity to rent a villa for the day with friends”, supported by Nicolas Ducharme. All you have to do is choose your side.

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