Cloud Leviia: store and share your documents on PCs and smartphones with ease 📍

Are you tired of using cloud solutions offered by Apple, Google or Dropbox? So, perhaps you should take a look at what Leviia, a cloud storage service based in France, has to offer.

Leviia is an online storage solution like no other: unlike GAFAM, Leviia allows you to host all your data in France, with prices starting at € 1.80 excluding tax per month for 100 GB of storage space. So, are you ready to release Dropbox?

Levia, what is that?

Leviia is an online cloud solution like iCloud Drive, Dropbox or Google Drive. The main difference is that their servers are located in France (in Roubaix, Strasbourg and Gravelines) and it is a 100% French company, unlike Google, Apple or Microsoft. And since a video is sometimes worth more than words, here’s a presentation of Leviia.

Faced with all the online cloud offerings that are plentiful in the market, Leviia has many advantages. In terms of that promise, because you can choose an offer and unsubscribe at any time with one click. Also ecologically, because Leviia specifies that their carbon emissions are 200% offset. The company also works with Reforest’Action, which fights to protect the environment and ensure reforestation.

In addition to offering super-fast servers (on NVMe SSDs), Leviia gives you a digital safe that doesn’t skimp on security. The service offers military-grade encryption for your connections, along with Leviia servers that also offer full protection against ransomware and viruses. All your data is copied to the three France -based sites we mentioned to you, with backups conducted every night. So, even in the event of a breakdown of one of their equipment, your data will always remain accessible!

With the Leviia cloud, storing and sharing documents online becomes a child’s game

With Leviia, it’s particularly easy to store documents. Your cloud space becomes accessible from macOS, Linux or Windows with a few clicks, but also on iOS and Android, two complete and ergonomic apps that can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Leviia cloud also has a very clear and particularly intuitive interface. No need to be an expert to understand how to store your files online, everything is in your hands, whether on your smartphone or on your Mac / PC.

It is also very simple to share files, media or any type of document using Leviia cloud. For example, you can easily create file or folder sharing links with external people thanks to external links.

The service allows you to share a link so that a colleague, friend or family member can view or download documents you have sent to them. You can decide to give this person the possibility that he can modify the documents or not, allow him to deposit a document without seeing the contents of the file or even, to protect it with a password. You can even set an expiration date, which is handy for automatically deleting the link after a certain period of time!

Leviia: several types of cloud subscriptions available at low prices

Leviia offers different types of subscriptions, depending on your needs. You can select the package that suits you at this address (and unsubscribe at any time with one click). Each monthly offer is void, to be redeemed monthly or annually. Throughout the year, a 10% discount is applied to monthly rates.

The offer “Perso” is fully designed for backup of personal data (movies, photos, files). It’s perfect for sharing documents with those around you, friends, family or customers, for example. It starts at € 1.80 excluding VAT per month for 100 GB of storage space and goes up to € 36 excluding VAT per month for 10 TB of storage.

The “Expert” offer, which is volume-focused, is intended for customers with large amounts of data to back up (servers, NAS, etc.). The price-to-volume ratio is among the lowest on the market, with subscriptions starting at € 72 excluding tax per month for 20 TB of storage space and up to € 3,420 per month for 1,000 TB of storage .

Finally, be aware that a new offer called “Team” allows families and small teams to have a single charge for 5 accounts and 2 TB of storage to be shared.

👉 Which online cloud to choose in 2022? Of course Levia!

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