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Trending Hashtag Podcast, June 16, 2022 – Longer than ever Pi numbers, Internet Explorer retirement, Meta lawsuits, and more freedom for Microsoft staff.

Welcome to Hashtag Trends, your weekly roundup of the hottest tech topics on social media. Today is Thursday, June 16, 2022.

The Pi number is longer than before

Google researchers just set a new record by calculating the value of the number Pi to 100 trillion digits after the decimal point! So they beat the record set in 2021 by researchers from the University of Zurich that then revealed 62.8 trillion decimals of the famous number for which we all know the first digits: 3.14159.

To achieve this, they used the almost endless resources of Google Cloud. The calculation was monopoly – for about 158 ​​days – a “Compute Engine N2” calculation instance equipped with 128 vCPU and 864 GB of RAM associated with 32 “Compute Engine N2” type storage instances each equipped with 16 vCPUs over a 32 Gbit/s network and generating a total storage space of 663 terabytes.

So now we know one hundred thousand billion digits after the decimal point of Pi, and it’s zero.

The retirement of Internet Explorer

After more than 25 years of good and honest service, yesterday Microsoft proceeded to disconnect Internet Explorer “for certain versions of Windows 10”. Increasingly neglected by Internet users, it should be replaced by its cousin, Microsoft Edge, which launched in 2015. However, it is Google Chrome, which is used by more than 60% of Internet users according to the Statcounter site, which is by far the most famous. Meanwhile, Microsoft Edge has 8% of followers and Internet Explorer will be the favorite of 3.7% of Internet users in 2020.

For companies with tools that only work under a reputable browser, Microsoft planned this. The Edge browser has included a mode that has been compatible with these tools for several years. The company also promises that this period of transition to Microsoft Edge will continue until 2029, giving companies several years to adapt.

Lawsuits against Meta

Meta, the main company of Facebook and Instagram is facing eight lawsuits. Its social media algorithm has been blamed for causing real harm to young users. According to Bloomberg, lawsuits have been filed in federal courts in Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois and Missouri.

The complaint, filed last week, states that Meta’s social media platforms are designed to be dangerously addictive, leading children and teens to view content that increases the risk of eating disorders, sleep disorders, depression and suicide.

More freedom for Microsoft staff

Microsoft employees can now find jobs at other large technology companies like Google or Amazon, after the company said it would no longer enforce non -competing clauses. These clauses are sometimes used to prevent employees from going to direct competitor companies.

Beginning Wednesday of this week, Microsoft is removing these clauses from employee contracts and, from now on, it will not apply existing clauses in the United States, Business Insider reported.

This is one of four updates announced in a Microsoft blog post. Other updates include plans to end non-disclosure agreements, conduct a civil rights audit of existing workplace policies and commit to include pay levels in all internal descriptions. of work. and external.

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