Near Nantes: a start-up makes solar panel kits easy to install at home

Met at his studio in Saint-Herblain, near Nantes, Pierre-Emmanuel Roger is co-founder of Nantes start-up Beem Energy. Created in 2019, it has since had 3,500 homes. (© Farah Sadallah / News Nantes)

It may be time to give yourself solar panels during the summer we are going through. More accessible thanks to Beem Energysome of them can be purchased from Boulanger, Leroy Merlin and Nature and Discovery.

Since 2019the Nantes-based start-up will develop and sell kit of four solar panels very much easy to be installed at the market price either 780 euros per kit. In a simple wall fix, that is the start-up patented, the renewable energy sensor is installed and ready to operate. It’s just enough to plug into a standard electrical outlet.

The repair of solar panels is patented.  Using a pattern, you adjust the panel support.
The repair of solar panels is patented. Using a pattern, you adjust the panel support. “It’s like hanging a frame,” the co-founder compares. (© Farah Sadallah / News Nantes)

The leader of France

Created on 2019 by Ralph Feghali, Arthur Kenzo and Pierre-Emmanuel RogerBeem Energy says it is now the leader in France in the market for solar panels that are easy to install and connected to a mobile application.

The company wants destroy the codes this product is not always considered accessible. “At that time, we did a study and we found that 70% of people are interested in solar. (…) But in fact less than 1% are equipped”, said Pierre-Emmanuel Roger, in warehouse of its preparation and control in Saint HerblainWednesday, June 15, 2022.

“Expensive, fuzzy, technical”

So they asked 150 people understand why don’t people go with this solar equipment which is now 95% recycled.

No appetite for the product. Market solutions are unattractive. It is a product made by and for engineers. As for the average person, we don’t know where we’re going. There is no solid brand. It’s an expensive, fuzzy, technical project and on the idea it stays floating, so we’re not going there.

Pierre-Emmanuel RogerCo-founder of Beemenergy

So this product was born which aims to be “mass consumption”. now, 3,500 homes are equipped in France. they will be between 150 and 200 in Nantes. Just houses inside the Marne and in Cantal has not yet taken the plunge, taking stock of the co-founder.

Beem Energy is also starting to expand international. The start-up has already responded to the commands in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

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Not more than five kilos

To its customers, the Nantes start-up offers a kit of four solar panels with attached to the wall or floor and not on the roof. Weighing no more than five kilograms and as big as a human, this device is different from conventional solar panels that weigh around. 25 kg and being many taller.

With this kit, an area of ​​2.5m2, either above the garage door for example, is enough to fix four panels and they yields equivalent of a conventional solar panelthat is 350W.

We take a standard solar panel, we make four tiny little ones that we can assemble to our liking like a painting. It’s really different and more relevant to people’s environment.

Pierre-Emmanuel RogerCo-founder of Beemenergy

“We track consumption live”

In addition to this kit, sells a Beembox using. Connected to wifi, it sends information to a downloadable laptop application. “We directly track solar consumption and allow us to orient and see what we’re doing and we compare it to devices that consume at home. For example, this month if you’ve made a refrigerator equivalent, we’ll tell you .You saw then that you gained autonomy “, explained the co-founder.

Throughout the year, this kit allows you lower the consumption bill from 70 to 80 euros, ie the annual equivalent of a refrigerator, an internet boxa laptop and five LED bulbs. And these solar panels last over 25 years.

Move towards reasonable consumption

So a good way to understand your consumption in detail and to reduce this, Pierre-Emmanuel Roger encourages: “This allows us to support them towards better energy management and because there is growing pressure from energy prices …”

Moreover, customers do not necessarily stop buying a kit, but also choose a second after checking the first. Today between 15 and 20% of consumers have more than one kit at home. “More and more, they’re taking that first step,” the co-founder said.

A production in China

So production should accelerate for this start-up that makes its solar panels in China at a partner factory. I know that 95% of solar panels are made in the country.

We regularly audit it and we are also considering returning part of our production to France. But there are still many hurdles in the industry. We do not make standard solar panels.

Pierre-Emmanuel RogerCo-founder of Beemenergy

Otherwise, connected boxing is made in Malville (Loire-Atlantique), and packaging in Normandy.

In addition to this internalization project, the start-up has others, but it prefers not to disclose them, in order to maintain its first place in the market. “No one makes solar today by putting the customer at the center.»

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