Natascha Trivisas: “The security industry must think globally and act locally”

Natasha Trivisas
Director of Marketing and Communications at HID Global

On the sideline of the ID4Africa event held in Marrakech, HID Global, a provider of secure identity solutions, gave us an exclusive interview where the company explains its flexibility in disruptions. occurred in the supply chain. The supplier also consolidates its position on the continent.

The global environment remains difficult and uncertain. How does this affect the product supply chain? security?
Semiconductors are just one link in the long supply chain of security technology. We also observe barriers to other electronic products and raw materials, as well as permanent logistics restrictions exacerbated by recent world events, particularly inflation. To at least begin to compensate for the wide range of these problems, the security sector is forced to be creative to ensure its stability.

Be creative, how?
Security service providers can be creative and extend their traditional approaches with foresight. For example, they can strengthen their relationships with local suppliers, who are often closer to the market than the security companies themselves. Along with their broader reach and smart risk management, their specific and regional knowledge can be extremely useful. Of course, they cannot fully recover from a global crisis, but they can slightly mitigate the impact on the supply chain in the short term. Another option is to consider alternative technologies if conventional device components are not available. Such considerations can even spur innovation and new technologies. Equally important is the smart use of data and analytics to better predict buying habits and support forecasting. This is important for identifying the underlying factors that provide better visibility into needs and timelines.

Significant changes have been made in different countries in terms of digital innovation. How do you fit into these differences levels?
First, it is important for the security industry to think globally and act locally. Locally based companies, suppliers, consultants or distributors, have the regional and cultural knowledge necessary to truly understand customer needs and requirements. Because the pandemic accelerated a global digital transformation that simultaneously reduced or eliminated physical touchpoints and human-to-human interaction.

Many other parts of the world still face budget constraints to upgrade old security systems. For example, many countries have already implemented modern digital IDs but millions of citizens in Africa do not have government IDs, which prevents them from accessing services and exercising their civil rights. The best way to bridge this gap is to continue sharing experiences and success stories with local governments that demonstrate the value of modern security systems and ID cards.

Do you have products of different levels of maturity?
Yes. HID Global has an extensive portfolio covering the entire access control, identification and authentication lifecycle, including enrollment and management, issuance and verification. These solutions range from entry-level smart card technologies to modern solutions such as HID Mobile Access and biometric authentication. It is important to mention that we offer open solutions, allowing them to be integrated into systems from different manufacturers.

What are the methods that HID has implemented in ensure that governments and businesses have safer identities?
HID Global is well positioned to provide adapted, scalable and future -proof identification solutions for government. Our wallet is unique for its comprehensive security, including multi-factor authentication features that meet specific local government and industry regulations, advanced biometric authentication capabilities and customizable document issuance. , as well as the best highly secure government ID cards.

What are the major achievements made in Morocco?
HID Global recognizes the importance of empowering a trusted identity. Millions of people in over 100 countries trust our identity and authentication solutions every day. We are constantly trying to promote a citizen-centric digital identity for everyone, including in Africa. In fact, we are an active friend of the Coalition that promotes International Identity Day. This is why we have joined ID4Africa in its fight to provide citizens across Africa with trusted identities.

How are your prospects of progress in the kingdom?
Our commitment to Morocco is strong. Our goal is to provide safer and more user -friendly identification solutions on the African continent to help businesses and individuals transact securely, operate productively and move freely. We have partnered with the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie to provide a complete end-to-end criminal registration and identification solution to digitize, enhance and expedite their registration and hidden fingerprint checking.

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