keep, customers by value, Stephan Hadinger, AWS France

What about AWS about vendor lock-in, a situation where the cost of switching vendors is so high that the customer is actually stuck with their original vendor?

Stephan Hadinger: AWS was created in 2006 on a simple principle, but revolutionary at the time, to retain our customers by value, rather than block them by technical barriers. The notion of freedom is very important in our culture. Our customers own their data, so they can retrieve it at any time. In addition, the services we offer include tools to migrate data in or out of AWS. Our customers can create an application in the AWS Cloud, enrich it and move it at any time. We want to offer great freedom in technology and that’s why we also offer solutions based on open source and not on a licensing model.

Why is it so important to offer this freedom to customers?

SH: AWS is a company focused on the needs of its customers and we work with mutual trust with them. That’s what they ask of us and that’s what we offer them. Reversibility, in computing, is an important topic and should not be a taboo topic. On the contrary, talking about it helps to remove doubts and start a more peaceful partnership. Because what could be more natural than being free to choose and evolve. Staying with a supplier should be based on a choice based on value and not on a hurdle experienced as a painful experience. The prospect of return means staying with your supplier for good reason.

Haven’t customers experienced problems yet? Isn’t it difficult to move databases to a different type of environment? This may include reformatting the data …

SH : A relocation project is clearly part of a business strategy, and as such, it has a schedule. Thinking in the worst case scenario is often the best way to avoid it. I often suggest two ways to help our customers stay in control no matter what: 1. Choose open source cloud services, which are a great way to keep things clear. 2. Write a reversibility book listing all cloud services used, with alternative solutions for each and an estimate of the time and associated costs to migrate from AWS to the customer’s data center or another service provider. With this technique, we eliminate any adhesion that may impede reversibility and we have a clear view of the operations to be performed. Moreover, in our solutions, changes are minimal in terms of codes or data formatting.

Why do you think customers continue to use your services? Are there specific issues, your customers in France expect about your way of operating, specifically in terms of the environment?

SH: At AWS, we work on four axes: agility, security, performance and the price that should be clearly competitive. In addition, we listen to our customers and we consider their feedback on our services and our way of operating, to meet their needs and adapt as needed. This philosophy has enabled us not only to retain our customers but also to innovate in various fields, including the environment. Our customers are increasingly aware of this. For example, our new range of Graviton processors uses between two and three times less power than the old one, and we also ensure that our products are increasingly sustainable and fair. No wonder, moreover, that they have more and more success!

Finally, with regards to AWS, we are committed to consuming 100% renewable energy for our data centers for power production by 2025. But the greenest electricity is the one that is not consumed! In this regard, serverless computing, which consists of allowing the cloud service provider to provide, manage and measure the infrastructure required to run the applications used by customers, allows us to tailor their needs. to energy as close as possible, to reduce their charges and reduce their carbon footprint. Beyond our own efforts, many companies are also choosing AWS to develop applications that address today’s environmental issues. We are pleased to work with many French companies on this exciting and important topic.