Jobs with a positive impact: ways to get inspired and network

1- Free and engaging events

Workshops, aperitifs, conferences, webinars, film-debate evenings … There are so many possibilities to meet dedicated citizens online or near you, to exchange ideas, aspirations and projects, to act through eco-volunteer projects or climate fresco.

To find them, go to the Makensense site and its 200 events classified by date, city and theme: climate, sustainable food, reducing inequalities, circular economy …

2- Not to be missed annual meetings

It is an opportunity to dive into key social and environmental issues, to discover innovative initiatives, to network with private or public decision makers/employers.

ChangeNOW (Paris): the event of innovative solutions for the planet, with hundreds of exhibitors, experts, investors and inspiring personalities from around the world. The (paid) three -day summit also includes a recruitment fair, which now takes place in the fall.

The month of social economy and unity (everywhere in France, in November): ideal for understanding SSE and meeting with its actors through open days, company visits, conferences, forums, workshops, training … Also included at this meeting the thematic weeks on financial solidarity, responsible purchasing, waste reduction. Unforgettable Festival des Solidarités with games, exhibitions, concerts, shared food …

European Sustainable Development Week (in France and Europe, around mid-September): conferences, film screenings, educational projects, challenges … In short, hundreds of events to raise awareness of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals: fight against climate change, biodiversity, cyclical economy, mobility, eco-gestures, inclusion …

Furthermore : The summer economics universities of tomorrow (in Paris), the European meeting on the sustainable economy Produrable (Paris), the European show for start-ups and tech Viva Technologies (Paris), Le World Impact Summit (Bordeaux), Earth Day (every April 22).

3- Job/training/profession forums

These are useful if you are wondering about your professional options or looking for a job, an internship or a work-study program.

Talents for the Planet (Paris) : workshops (advice, best practices, exchanges), conferences held by experts, DIY events, training organizations, associations, start-ups, and recruitment companies.

Forum of professions on ecology and cohesion (Paris) : organized by RESES, Student Network for an Ecological and Solidarity Society, you’ll find workshops about professional inclusion, meetings with dedicated organizations, and afterwork, among others.

Transfer of Ambition (Paris) : the inter-school forum for dedicated professions, at the initiative of 10 alumni associations from business and engineering schools. Three days of workshops, conferences, round tables, meetings with training and support organizations, and recruiters.

4- Inspiring communities

Present almost everywhere in France, very active on social networks, thousands of young volunteers are united on themes related to the search for meaning and professional commitment to transition. Ideal for interacting with people with the same aspirations as you!

· Losers: it is the young community in search of the meaning of social organization and solidarity entrepreneurs Makesense. Its followers meet at thematic aperitifs and on social networks where they share articles, videos, studies, films, events and stories of “paumitude” with good humor and kindness. Les Paumé.es is also a guide and podcast.

The Green Nuggets: this is the network of young professionals of ecological transition. It is based on a media of testimonials / videos and an Insta account launched in 2020 by Claire Pétreault, former com director of ChangeNOW (see above). Once a month, the Club des Pépites brings together young employees of NGOs, start-ups, large groups, consulting firms, public bodies. There is a membership fee.

The RESES, Student Network for an Ecological and Solidarity Society : consists of 150 student associations, it conducts projects related to ecological issues and solidarity, organizes national and local events (Forum of ecology and professions of solidarity, Ecology week and unity, waste reduction), publishes guides and practical sheets to aid student engagement.

Furthermore : Pour Un Réveil Ecologique (collective of students and young graduates mobilized in the face of ecological crises), Les Shifters (volunteers in support of the think tank The Shift Project dedicated to the decarbonization of the economy), Together for Earth (60 student associations to act facing climate and social emergencies), Alumni For The Planet (3,700 pros of inter-school ecological transition).

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