Disturb HR questions and shake up the HR function

The event organized by the Golden Bees on June 14 at Grand Rex was an opportunity to pitch specialists who have not failed to put their feet on the dish on major current HR problems.

Full-throttle Pulp Fiction music and a popcorn cast: Tuesday, June 14, Golden Bees, who specialize in programmatic recruitment and organizer of “Disrupt HR” since 2020, made the mythical room reserved for ‘opportunity.

Well -tucked under the Grand Rex’s starry vault, the professionals in attendance attended a two -hour “talk” entrusted to 12 speakers (5 minutes each) and welcomed all current topics: war of talents, diversity, taking risks or space for error …

Objectives: “Encourage, inform and inspire human resources players, and support market developments”.

Here is some “popcorn” that Alliancy returned to its bag:

  • Stéphanie Fraise, VP Global Talent Management at BlaBlaCar, recalls that in childhood, we fall 2,000 times before we can walk, making us great entrepreneurs … even in our early years. 80% of start-ups go bankrupt before their fifth candle is blown out, but in France they rarely have a second chance, which Stéphanie also underlined.

Among the questions he asked in a job interview: “When was the last time you made a mistake at work, and what did you learn from it? »

  • Samir Bengelloun – Senior HR Manager at L’Oréal and former professional footballer, taught two ways of using the HR function: the “regular” way, which focuses on legal and administrative matters, and the posture of “HR Developers” , emerging, whose ambition is to support the business.
  • Mathilde Le Coz, HR Director of Mazars France, attacked the subject of off-boarding with contagious energy. His speech was titled: “Off-boarding: it’s just a goodbye”. Mathilde explained how she encouraged her employees to go and try other companies, in the form of immersion. Is the grass greener elsewhere? We all tend to think so, so let’s check it out as well. Admittedly, some employees stayed with the start-ups they included in this way, but others chose to stay with Mazars: with renewed confidence that they belonged there. “Every opportunity to leave allows us to choose to stay”. Mathilde invited viewers to develop their teams ’ability to work, to dispel the idea that commitment is synonymous with exclusivity, and to celebrate off-boarding how it should be: a moment of collective memory and whether sometimes an opportunity to see the return, months or years later, of “boomerang” employees.
  • Sébastien Guérin, recruitment performance director of the Adéquat group, underlined the fact that 60% of candidates have already abandoned a recruitment due to the overly complex process, contrary to the perception of recruiters that only 8% judged in their complex process.

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Another figure highlighted by Sébastien: 91% of candidates accept an offer if it was made to them on the day of the interview-but this figure drops to 50% after a week, then to 9 % after 2 weeks.

It’s important to “market your recruitment”, using Data management.

  • “The technical skills you buy now for gold have not been used for 3 years”, warns David Bernard, CEO of AssessFirst.
  • Anthony Babkine, co-founder of Diversidays and #TechYourPlace, invited viewers to be good fairies, just like the people he had the opportunity to cross paths. “I’m fixing a system that hasn’t done the job in terms of equality: there’s still a 30% smaller chance of being selected if you have a North African sound name. »

There are so many pearls of wisdom from which HRDs have benefited; but for many raises new questions. And in particular: what levers are ready to activate HR in companies from 2022 to prepare for future employment?

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