Cloud Garden (Nintendo Switch) – The test

Barely out of the trial devoted to the single denunciation of the dwelling at the ruin of our friends the gibbons, which we have already distributed in a universe at this time is completely destroyed, or almost. Only a handful of plant entities remain in this post turbulent world. Your mission? To bring back a bit of color and life to scenes where civilization only remains in past traces of its passage.

Developed by Noio and Thomas van den Berg, and published by Noio and Coatsink, Cloud Garden is betting on making the beautiful from the ugly. Pushed the experience with graphics that are extremely lacking in light and contrast (the game seems to be bathed in an annoying fog), the developers cheered (lost?) Thinking of an original concept, not without hidden meaning , but where appropriate. a hell of a big help to arouse real interest. We dive into the prequels of the power seizure of plants, as the animals have already let go of their weapons.

My seed, my dear

It all starts with a certain mystery … In the middle of a small abandoned area, the player is invited to pick up a seed to place it on one of the broken structures on the screen. Soon, the plant began to thrive and give a bit of color to the (misty) gray surroundings, as we had to fix some road signs. The goal is simple and quick: strategically arranging things to allow plants to grow. The latter really needs some platforms, bottles and other signposts, to be able to grow over and over again. The level closes as the player completes the challenge at 100%, i.e., relatively extensive vegetation on the current board.

The scene changes as things change slightly. Soon, the signs will provide space for some more impressive structures, even up to supermarket shopping carts, and even old cars. The cans suddenly seem more anecdotal compared to the pyramid of shopping carts that sit on the screen.

Levels closed this way provide a few additional things to do in creative mode. In fact, the app has a sandbox where it is possible to build your own tables. The more the player progresses in the adventure, the more he unlocks the items available for his creations. This game mode provides additional value to the game, without however managing to hold us back long enough … The most impatient will be happy to know that it is possible to unlock the full content of the software by entering options. All levels unlocked … As well as content for creative mode.

Tournicoti, tournicoton!

The original idea is certainly beautiful, almost philosophical, with this return to life in scenes where industrialization finds a resemblance of the soul through plants. However, despite the graphics not appealing to us, the perfect music for sleep, the most annoying thing lies without difficulty in the frustrating and annoying gameplay.

Successful placement of bones and various objects depends on good visualization of the whole, but also of each corner of the table. If it is of course possible to zoom in and out at leisure, the handling remains tight, with an unobtrusive camera to gently rotate the whole picture. Eventually, the player can put the string of wheels coming at him almost anywhere, sometimes it will pay off despite everything! Not always, however … This has resulted in some parts where we remain stunned in front of a lumber litter, with stubborn plants refusing to grow. With just a very short tutorial, the player must be patient to properly understand the software.

However, the game is not very punitive and will only ask the player to restart the level where the challenge was missed. Some surprises must be discovered, especially the arrival of certain objects or new seeds. However, if these novelties give a bit of vitality to a game that is lacking in lack, they lack the depth to really arouse interest. Moreover, the genre mix constantly asks us: the quasi-postapocalyptic aspect, the relaxing music, the dated graphics, the desire to deliver a message … By choosing from all the interesting these small boxes instead of focusing on one deep. , the result remains mixed.

Cloud Garden is available at the Nintendo Switch eshop for around 15 euros.

Did you know ?

The plants never cease to amaze us. While we take care of some who decorate our gardens and homes, others empower themselves with the determination to grow with every available crack. Artist Matthieu Twelve wants to pay tribute to them through a touching photographic journey where he elegantly manages to highlight all these plants which he calls “Brave Plants”.



  • Original idea, full of common sense, with an interesting philosophical axis.
  • Creative mode available.


  • Tough playability.
  • Dated graphics.
  • Soporific music (which some will find relaxing).
  • Lack of explanations, messages, life!

Note detail

  • Graphics

  • Musics

  • gameplay

  • Fun

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