The start-up incubator has been officially launched to take place on the digital campus in Vierzon

It is a device that will integrate the digital campus, currently being built within the former B3 industrial site, into Société-Française.

The start-up incubator, announced a few months ago by Éric Larchevêque, co-founder and president of Ledger, and community of communes (CDC) Vierzon Sologne Berry, was born. It is a Village of CA, a system initiated by Crédit Agricole and which serves as “an innovation accelerator for start-ups and companies”, explanation of the banking group. There are 43 in France, including 5 in the Center-Val-de-Loire region.

The local community, the banking group and Éric Larchevêque joined forces, working in partnership with business leaders and entrepreneurs from the department, to find and set up this incubator in Vierzon, called B3 Village of CA.

Start for the digital campus at B3, in Vierzon

“The goal of this Village CA network, created in 2014, is promote the emergence and growth of young innovative companies in the territory, and create a space for cooperation between private companies, public bodies and young companies ”, identified Crédit Agricole, through the voice of its general manager Center Loire, Xavier Malherbet, who was present at the official launch last Friday on B3.

Thus, start-ups that join this incubator can benefit from “an open innovation framework, meeting places and professional exchanges as well as a comprehensive development path tailored to those needs. Entrepreneurs will have access to the skills, tools and infrastructure essential to their success and growth.underline the co-founders.

“We will accompany them, advise, challenge”

And because yes, they will be supported by a village mayor and a start-up manager who will be responsible for offering them personalized support as well as qualified interaction with B3 partners and experts. For these two positions, recruitment will take place in September and December.

This new tool to support innovation will serve young student entrepreneurs on the digital campus, primarily at the Algosup school, but also young local, regional and national entrepreneurs.

The call for applications for start-ups wishing to join B3 will be launched in mid-September, and a first project selection committee will take place in December, to allow the gradual integration of start-ups in the first half of 2023.

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In this system, Éric Larchevêque’s investment is important. He will participate on strategic committees, selecting, monitoring and guiding start-ups. Its promise will bring visibility and valuable support to start-ups. It’s like a TV show Who wants to be my partner?on the M6, in which he participated, Éric Larchevêque wanted to support “the caretakers, who are trying their luck. We will support them, we will advise, we will challenge them ”. Young shoots will be placed in this incubator in the center of the digital campus.

“A real rebound for our territory”

“An ecosystem around change was created to influence the economic destiny of Vierzon. In ten to twenty years, Vierzon will not be the same city”, underlines the president of Ledger.

And if the call for applications has not been officially published, the applications have already been received. “We had half a dozen applications from start-ups while communication had not yet begun. And, even though the incubator was general, the first projects received cryptocurrency and education concern,” he said. confides Eric Larchevêque. “We are predicting what the economy will be like tomorrow. This is a real rebound for our territory, ”concluded Fabien Bernagout, vice-president of the CDC’s oversight of innovation, research and digital division.

Yassine Azoug

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