“I created this start-up to facilitate rental investment based on my experience as a serial investor”

Can you introduce yourself briefly?

I am 52 years old and I am passionate about investing in real estate on a personal and professional level. After HEC, I worked in the financial sector and then specialized in pension funds that are large investors in commercial and residential real estate. Recently, I was director of real estate of the Atos IT group, which has 100,000 people at home and approximately sixty data centers. I created the start-up ImmoLevier in 2021 to facilitate rental investment based on my experience as a serial rental investor and enthusiasm for digital technologies.

Where did the ImmoLevier project come from?

By talking to some series of investors like me, I realized that we were both a failure, i.e., no site focused on rental investment and had to look at ad sites on one side, and then do the our profitability calculations in a calculator or spreadsheet.

What will ImmoLevier bring to investors?

On the ImmoLevier site, investors will have access to a large number of relevant property advertisements that have already been selected for rental investment. All types of property: car parks, apartments, buildings, offices … and often rented property to immediately receive income and benefit from 5% to 15% discount on the purchase of occupied property.

The time savings in finding property are therefore significant.

In addition, for each announcement, the investor benefits from a complete financial simulator that allows him to measure the profitability of the property and the possible return on his investment, depending on his financing. The simulator also makes it possible to simulate the potential for additional value (increase in rents and prices) but also all rental risks and adjustment costs. In other words, to simulate good and bad surprises to get a clear idea of ​​what he can expect to get out of his investment.

Again, it saves significantly time because we eliminate the back and forth between the ad site and the spreadsheet, the simulation tool that is directly integrated into the ad.

Note that the simulator includes an estimate of energy adjustment costs for properties with low DPE.

How are you different from the many start-ups that have developed in the field of rental investment in France over the past 2 years?

There are 3 types of new artists.

Start-ups that make “turnkey” are accompanied by rental investments such as Masteos or Beanstock. It’s a bit like the “club med” of rental investment because the investor is totally taken in hand. In return, support costs are high and added to agency fees, so the investor can pay up to 15% before starting to collect any rent! The number of properties (and cities) available is usually limited and you have to go through the startup to ensure rental management, any work, etc., which increases the charge.

The second type of emerging player consists of hunters who specialize in rental investment, who offer to carry out the search for related properties according to your criteria. Here again, support costs can be added to agency fees, but the search is more suited to investor criteria. These hunters generally have no properties to offer on their site, they suggest doing the search for you.

Finally, some new players are replacing traditional agencies, replacing “digital” intermediaries between sellers and buyers of leases, in exchange for a commission of approximately 3%.

ImmoLevier aims to facilitate the search for related properties at no additional cost for the investor, as the business model is based on subscriptions paid for by advertisers, as for any other real estate site. The idea is to provide access to a wider universe of opportunities, both geographically and in terms of property types (car parks, buildings, business premises, etc.). The rental investment market represents more than 300,000 transactions in France, and new players are now taking several thousand transactions.

So there is a deeper market that can meet the criteria of many investors, novice or experienced.

Investors will also find a good level of support from real estate professionals who publish their ads on ImmoLevier, as they describe all of their services in specific rental management. Benefiting from the local expertise of an experienced professional is an undeniable advantage in securing a rental investment.

Is profitability still there?

That’s a good question … during 2001-2021, real estate returned 12.3% on average compared to 5.7% for equities … but like any investment, you have to be selective.

In my experience, I’m a bit concerned about the profitability shown by some players in the sector (up to 13%!) Because this is always the “best case” where rent continues to be paid, and where there isn’t adjustment costs are not taken into account. account, while the calculation includes an additional amount at the exit.

Hence the interest of ImmoLevier simulator, which makes it possible to simulate not only good surprises, but also bad things. It is really important for the investor to practice certain scenarios, to evaluate how his profitability changes in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

What does ImmoLevier bring to property advertisers?

With ImmoLevier, real estate professionals (agencies, agents, promoters, etc.) can enrich their ads with investor -specific content.

In less than a minute, and with the classic information of an ad (price, rent, charges, location, description), the ad will be a real sheet for investors with all the financial ratios they need. .

Of course, the profitability, but also the return on investment (which depends on financing) and the potential to rent the property.

And the professional can offer his prospects or clients a complete simulator that allows them to smoothly simulate the financial parameters of the investment.

Instead of the traditional “ideal investor” or “good profitability” being added to the ads, the professional will therefore be able to show the attractiveness of the property for investors, and to be easily accessible. these clients now represent 30% of the market.

He can also showcase his rental management services and offer personalized support.

The site facilitates the sale of rented properties, which are often more complex in the market for professionals, but can represent real opportunities for investors.

How did you build the ImmoLevier startup?

With some serial investors like me, we have defined the details of the perfect site for rental investors.

Then, I recruited a team that was passionate about real estate and digital innovation to make the site as easy to use as possible. I also convinced some business angels to invest in the project.

We are now 6 at ImmoLevier and are very happy to already offer a great tool to investors and real estate professionals, which we will continue to improve.

Thanks to the agility specific to start-ups, we are in fact adapting our solution to different environments or rental investment needs.

For more information: the ImmoLevier website

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