Best Cloud Certification In 2022: From Azure to Google and Beyond

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The cloud is no longer just the future of technology, it is here and now. Millions of businesses are trying to take advantage of cloud scalability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and accessibility. However, many companies find themselves struggling with a sharp gap in cloud computing skills.

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To truly harness the power of the cloud, companies must perform a wide range of roles focused on everything from cloud architecture to cloud security. And for aspiring cloud experts, the opportunities are endless and ripe for choice.

Whether you have experience in cloud computing or are just starting out, an important step in your career should be cloud certification. Having the certification emphasizes your knowledge of cloud-specific methods and tools. Additionally, many organizations are looking for certified cloud specialists to fill their open positions.

There are many cloud certifications available depending on your technology career goals. When pursuing your certification, remember to choose a program that fits your chosen niche, whether it be operations, management, or otherwise.

Best cloud certifications

Google Professional Cloud Architect

Google is one of the leading cloud service providers. Google Professional Cloud Architect certification is a great option for those looking to use the central platform. This certification covers everything from cloud infrastructure design and compliance to cloud implementation and management.

Although there are no requirements for this certification, Google recommends having at least three years of industry experience before taking the exam.

Google Associate Cloud Engineer

For Google Cloud professionals with less than three years of experience, the Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification may be the right choice. This core certification certifies that the professional can plan, configure, monitor, and secure cloud-based environments using Google Cloud.

According to Google, this certification is best for those with six months or more of hands-on experience using Google Cloud.

CompTIA Cloud+

CompTIA Cloud+ is designed for cloud professionals who need to work with a wide range of cloud -based tools. With this certification, aspiring cloud experts learn how to evaluate cloud patterns, manage cloud environments, troubleshoot cloud tools, migrate legacy systems to the cloud, and more .

CompTIA Cloud+ prepares professionals for roles such as Cloud Engineer, Cloud Project Manager, and Systems Engineer.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Azure is another heavyweight in the cloud computing space. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification is required for professionals who want to work within Azure. This certification covers basic Azure concepts as well as cloud fundamentals, including cloud patterns, security, and more.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

The Azure Fundamentals certification above is a great stepping stone to other more advanced Azure certifications, such as the Azure Administrator Associate.

This certification prepares professionals to become cloud administrators, dedicated to implementing and managing cloud environments. This includes everything from cloud management to implementing cloud storage best practices.

According to Microsoft, the skills measured in this certification include monitoring Azure resources, deploying Azure, and managing virtual networking.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

According to Gartner, Amazon Web Services is a leader in cloud services. AWS is also the most widely used cloud platform today. For this reason alone, an AWS certification is incredibly useful in the field.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is an entry-level certification for those with basic knowledge of the Amazon Web Services platform. AWS recommends that professionals have six months of exposure to the AWS cloud to successfully obtain this certification.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

For those looking to take their AWS certification to the next level, AWS Certified Solutions Professional certification fits the bill. It teaches cloud professionals best practices in AWS and reflects the design and management of the cloud architecture.

This certification is ideal for cloud professionals with two or more years of experience working within the AWS platform.

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

There are several certifications focused on cloud security. However, the Certified Cloud Security Professional certification is designed to prove that a professional has the technical knowledge necessary to effectively secure cloud-based environments. CCSP is often chosen by those considering taking on roles focused on cloud architecture or security analytics.

The CCSP covers topics such as data security, application security, and legal risk and compliance. It is important to note that the CCSP requires professionals to have at least five years of IT work experience along with several other requirements.

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