53% of organizations have fallen victim to cloud cyberattacks in the past 12 months Phishing is the most common, with 73% of respondents encountering it, according to Netwrix

Despite increasing tools and increasing budgets, IT teams have not seen threats very quickly in 2022 compared to 2020.

Netwrix, the cybersecurity provider that simplifies data security, has announced the release of its 2022 Global Cloud Security Report. This shows that more than half (53%) of organizations have experienced a cyberattack targeting their cloud infrastructure in the past 12 months. Phishing is the most common type of attack, with 73% of respondents encountering it.

The report also features that the average time to identify most types of attacks has increased since 2020. a few minutes or a few hours, but by 2022, only 47% will see it very quickly. Detecting ransomware has also become more difficult: 86% of organizations will need minutes or hours to identify ransomware by 2020, compared to 74% in 2022.

Attacks are evolving faster than the expertise, tools and defense processes used to fight them. Organizations are deploying more security controls and spending more money to keep them secure 49% confirmed increase in their cloud security budget by 2022studies Dirk Schrader, vice president of security research at Netwrix. However, multiplication tools are not always synonymous with increased security. Solutions from different vendors work separately, provide overlapping or conflicting functionality, and require organizations to call multiple support teams. This complexity is the source of security gaps. One way to solve this problem is to develop a security architecture in partnership with a select group of trusted vendors who develop, offer and support a large portfolio of solutions. .

The report further states that violations are increasingly costly. This year, 49% of respondents said they had unplanned expenses to close security gaps following an attack, up from 28% in 2020. more than double (from 11 to 25%), as well as the number of those who saw the value of their business decline (from 7 to 17%).

The top three data security challenges mentioned by survey respondents, however, remained the same in 2020: lack of IT staff, lack of expertise in the cloud environment and lack of budget. These remain a problem for many organizations, but the proportion of those having difficulty with this issue has dropped from 47% in 2020 to 34% in 2022.

Here are some other findings from the survey:

  • 80% of organizations use sensitive cloud store data there;
  • More than half (53%) of respondents indicate that improving security is their primary goal in terms of cloud adoption;
  • Most organizations surveyed that classify their data detect an attack within minutes, while those not using this skill typically require hours or even days;
  • Auditing user activity is particularly effective against phishing, ransomware attacks and account compromises, reducing detection time from hours to minutes.

The report tells us that cloud adoption is in full swingadded Mr. Schrader. Organizations report that 41% of their workload is already in the cloud, and they plan to increase that share to 54% by the end of 2023. IT teams are learning to use the cloud effectively and securely, and they are training their colleagues in this direction. It is time to pay more attention to security measures that enhance the ability to identify, defend against, detect and respond to threats, to reduce the risk of a breach and its consequences.

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Founded in 2006, Netwrix simplifies data security by enabling professionals to more easily control sensitive, controlled and mission -critical data, regardless of location. More than 11,500 organizations around the world rely on Netwrix solutions to secure their sensitive data, make the most of enterprise content, pass compliance audits with minimal effort and cost, while improving their productivity. IT teams and their knowledgeable workers.

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