Tas Group Cloud Services and Acronis partnership

TAS Group provides technology services and applications worldwide for payment systems, through software offered in cloud mode or on customer sites.

In France, the group operates its own Datacenter in Sophia Antipolis where it offers hosting, outsourcing, data protection and cloud computing services.

A technological partnership in favor of cyber protection

TAS Group Cloud Services and Acronis, a leader in global cyber protection, have agreed on a technological partnership. The two companies joined forces in response to the proliferation of cyberattacks, and unveiled a new offering focused on cybersecurity in the face of the continued development of remote working, and the need for data protection.

This partnership allows TAS Group Cloud Services to extend its data protection offering by now offering the Acronis solution to all of its customers and partners.

That is why TAS Group is expanding its portfolio of data protection solutions:

  • backup,
  • Continuity Plan,
  • virus protection,
  • Protection against malware driven by next-gen AI,
  • Patch management and endpoint protection.

Vincent Burgevin, who manages marketing and partnership for TAS Group Cloud Services, explained that this partnership is strategic and has huge potential for the host to offer outsourcing services. “As a specialist in hosting sensitive data, we must be responsive to new threats and keep our catalog of security solutions up to date to advise and protect our customers as much as possible. The combination of hosting and cloud computing solutions from TAS along with cybersecurity and management solutions from Acronis brings undeniable additional value.

Francesco De Simoni, Managing Director of TAS France added: “Cyber ​​protection and data protection are no longer a desirable asset for companies, but a real necessity. We are pleased with this partnership that provides- allow us to offer our customers many advantages that combine a better customer experience with increased security and cyber-resilience. ”

In addition to native integration of cybersecurity services, Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud simplifies management and automation through a single console.

Thanks to Acronis and TAS Group Cloud Services, companies in the Côte d’Azur can now benefit from the complete range of cybersecurity and management solutions that neutralize cyberthreats thanks to antimalware protection services and (automatically) patch management.

This solution will replace traditional antivirus tools with complete protection for all devices.

“We are pleased to welcome the TAS Group into our ecosystem of partners in France. Adding our unique solution to their cybersecurity portfolio is great news. We will combine our knowledge to offer France a quality and innovative cloud cybersecurity solution to a major player in hosting, Cloud Computing and outsourcing of IT services ”, said Jérôme Carletti, Partner Account Manager at Acronis.

Cyber ​​hosting and protection

In the digital age and faced with the growth of cyberattacks, data protection is becoming an absolute necessity for all French companies. Cyber ​​protection and data protection are no longer a desirable asset for businesses, but a real necessity.

For its part, TAS Group Cloud Services, brings its knowledge of data hosting: hosting services, IT outsourcing, data protection, Cloud Computing and cybersecurity … so many services are now integrated in a single offer for its customers. adapt to all professional contexts and to the most demanding standards.

In fact, all Cloud Computing, hosting and outsourcing services offered by TAS Group Cloud Services are ISO 9001, ISO 27001 (information security), ISO 27017 (security controls in cloud services). , ISO 27018 (personal data protection in cloud services), HDS (health data protection) and PCI-DSS (bank card data protection) thus combining a unique level of certifications for the Côte d’Azur in terms of service quality and data protection.

The Acronis solution offers complete protection for enterprise IT and allows its users to store data in a hybrid way: locally, in the Acronis cloud, or on TAS Group Cloud Services infrastructures . Together, they bring more comprehensive and better integrated data protection solutions to all businesses.

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