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AlphaGoogle SEO coaching exclusively focused on e-tailers is constantly evolving to offer more complete and personalized support to e-tailers who want to take (or continue) their natural referral approach in hand. .

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Interview with Vincent Souchko, member of the AlphaGoogle program and creator of Osyla, an online store that specializes in selling custom-made awnings and privacy screens.

How important is natural reference for Osyla formation?

For me, SEO is the center of e-commerce. It’s important and it’s the Osyla engine. Without natural defining, you have to invest a lot of money in your visibility to get customers. But more importantly, a good SEO also means that the information you submit is interesting and that it is appealing to Internet users and therefore to your customers. I have found that natural determination has evolved in the right direction. There are so many sites and information today that it is important to understand how SEO works in the eyes of search engines and of course Google. And what we know now is that we need to redouble our efforts and think differently.

Why is it important that you practice natural recognition and why you chose AlphaGoogle?

Training is an important part of an entrepreneur’s life, I think. You need to try to learn every day, and especially to master the essential pillars of your company. For me, as an e-merchant, I can’t delegate this part. It was as if a doctor had entrusted the diagnoses of his patients and that he had spent his day finding patients, it was unthinkable. Practicing natural reference should always be part of the life of e-merchants. How to set up a strategy with agencies if you know nothing about it? Impossible. AlphaGoogle is obvious to me. I have been following the evolution of Olivier Clémence for many years now and I know how passionate he is and invests in what he does. His training is a real gold mine for anyone who wants to start or continue to evolve in SEO. But more importantly it is an exercise that allows you to put in place a truly sustainable and effective strategy with real results.

How do you compete in SEO with big brands like Leroy Merlin or Castorama?

We are not competing with Leroy Merlin! Let’s try to get somewhere first! Every little victory brings us closer to our competitors. However, we have a different approach, we make all of our products customized, unlike the big DIY store. On the other hand, in SEO of course, we observe what they do and we try to do better. These department stores have strategies with large budgets compared to us. However, Google has shown us that this is no longer a question of budget, but of intention and above all motivation. You need to wake up early in the morning and be diligent in dealing with these big brands! It took me over 2 years before it appeared on the first page of Google for keywords like “awning” or “kumbo”! And without training or motivation, I certainly wouldn’t have succeeded!

What brought you the most results in natural determination?

Since launching Osyla in 2015, our approach has always been the same! Priority to our customers. And this needs to be felt in all areas, even (especially) in SEO. We don’t do SEO to make Google happy, that’s not true anymore, we have to do it to make our customers happy. If you’re still thinking about Google, stop everything! If our customers are satisfied with what we bring them in terms of products, design, ergonomics and valuable information, your SEO will be better. Combine that with good practice and you will make the best combo possible!

Therefore, it’s not just one element that delivers us results, but it’s a combination of several factors (seen in AlphaGoogle training) that lead us to big small successes.

And now what are the next steps for Osyla?

Continue to bite the visibility around major brands. Today Osyla is the platform that brings together the largest number of awning brands and the most manufactured articles on solar and visual protection.

The goal is to be the leader in France in the beginning!

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