Group S is accelerating its digital shift with the acquisition of Pootsy

Group S has just completed two takeovers and a partnership to strengthen its digital services offering. Belgian start-up Pootsy is the latest.

Digitalization affects all sectors and is a permanent challenge for incumbents. It took the human resources sector a bit longer to get started, but it’s accelerating the trend, such as Group S has just completed its third operation in this direction this year with the acquisition of Belgian start-up Pootsy.

“We want to rely on an industrial player to sustain our growth”, explains Julien Renglet, co-founder of Pootsy six years ago. It is only natural that this partner became Group S, as the two companies are already working together. “We’ve incorporated a lot of social secretariats over time and Group S is one of our historic partners,” details Paul Renson, another Pootsy thought leader.

“We want to rely on an industrial player to sustain our growth.”

Julien Reglet

CEO of Pootsy

Pootsy allows its customers, service voucher companies, to have records of their workers along with their contracts and to generate benefit statements at the end of each month reflecting the reality of what is happening on earth. “This information is sent, for example, to Group S, making it possible to generate payslips.

Initially, however, the solution is focused on the end customer and allows everything find a helper and encode services. This is still the case, but the start-up is quickly turning to voucher service companies by offering its platform for improve team management. Several thousand workers working in service voucher companies are now managed through the Pootsy platform. They are always in the future, because Pootsy retains its name and a certain form of freedom, even though Group S already represents more than 70% of its customers. “The goal is to be a leader in our segment and expand our activities to other sectors”, continues Julien Renglet. A prospect who is highly interested in Group S, which takes more than 100% of the young company’s shares for a value and an analysis that remains secret.

A sector in full revolution

“We, as an industry, need to reinvent ourselves.”

Marc Peters

CEO of GroupS

The profession has flourished and companies in the human resources sector are gradually changing. Don’t say apart from the social secretariat, but social group or HR group, Group S boss Marc Peeters explained. “The offer we want to put on the market is broader than payroll, among other things with tools like Pootsy.” For Group S and its boss, this is a logical development. “Our profession will not be lost, but it will be fully evaluated by ONSS initiatives, by technology and customer expectations. We must, as a sector, reinvent ourselves.”

For this, the company hopes a procurement and partnership strategy. “We are developing a new strategy to offer more service to our customers, technology-supported services.” For some services, the goal goes directly to customer operations and Pootsy is a good example of this. This isn’t the first style acquisition for Group S, which recently took over a company active in managing catering staff: AAPI.

Never two without three, Group S also announced, not a takeover, but a partnership with Beeple, a workforce planning toolwhich focuses specifically on temporary and flexible workers.

The challenge is to keep these start-ups agile. “In our new offices, there will be two floors reserved for start-ups and innovation,” he explains Mark Peters. His company should conduct several operations of the same type in the coming months.

The summary

  • Group S has just completed two takeovers and a partnership to strengthen its digital services offering. Belgian start-up Pootsy is the latest.
  • Pootsy has developed a platform that simplifies personnel management for service voucher companies.
  • Group S aims to conduct other operations of this type to develop its human resources services.

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