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WHO? Ekoo
What ? A human recruitment tool, no CV and no artificial intelligence.

A small revolution in the world of human resources. Ekoo recruits without a CV but not without seriousness. Its founder, Julie Charles, wants to put people back in the middle of the recruitment process by promoting meetings to “expand the field of possibilities”.

Forget all that time trying to cram, on a simple A4 sheet, your experiences, training, hobbies, skills, addresses, etc. Just forget about curriculum vitae which was never intended to represent the state of mind, the motivation and the true ability of a person. Ekoo heard the complaints of these employees who wanted to be identified for what they were. Those who want to prove their determination, the very thing we hear in the tone of a voice, the flame we see in the depths of a glance. Julie Charles, the founder of this UFO of human resources, believes in humans. An honest entrepreneur who lays the groundwork for what will work tomorrow. Maintenance.

Julie Charles, founder of Ekoo

What is the concept of Ekoo?

Ekoo wants to bring people back to the center of the company and it will start with recruitment. Our goal is to adapt to changes in the labor market and the expectations of job seekers, but also to recruit without relying solely on skills. At Ekoo, companies take the time to open up the field of possibilities, to meet candidates by taking an interest in their potential, in what they want to do in their professional lives.

Why is the name like this?

The name Ekoo comes from English Every kind of person. Ekoo welcomes people in their entirety, beyond their status.

The creation of Ekoo seems to be closely related to your story.

The creation of Ekoo is very much linked to my personal history. I grew up in the countryside, in the heart of Lot (46), with parents who were not even in the business world. My first job: working in the mountains. I was far from thinking that I would go, one day, into a universe corporation with international positions. These are the encounters that led me, one thing leading to another, to launch myself into higher education. I owe my unexpected career to encounters. To all the people who didn’t hesitate to trust me, to the people I proved myself! At Ekoo, I turn to make the link between people with potential and companies many good things to do but don’t know how to recruit otherwise.

You yourself have thrived in the field of human resources.

I have always evolved in HR universes in France and abroad. Within large groups and in a universe of Get started, in consulting and even in an SME. I have observed that employees value their work environment and they can suffer because they are not in the right place! Ekoo’s view on recruitment is also the desire to understand candidates more than they know they will do.

When did you start?

The idea for Ekoo was born when I established an incubator in Get started. I am in charge of finding partners for Get started that we are incubating. And I had an intuition at the time that it wouldn’t do the CV, which was largely necessary to find complementary people who could work together in good times and in bad times. At this time I started, without much way, to try meeting without a CV. And my intuition was confirmed. I launched Ekoo in January 2022. I had the concept, the name, but there was everything to do.

Who is Ekoo for?

I work with companies at the human level to get to know them well. Big companies, it’s not right now! They have HR departments, so we will provide additional training on the subject of recruitment.
Ekoo is interested in executive positions in companies. It does not concern, so far, the very technical professions such as engineer, which require years of study and expertise. In this case, CV recruitment remains more relevant. Companies approach me more for commercial, HR or communications positions. These are positions where a candidate can do a good job as long as they adhere to the project. It is not necessary to practice the trade in question for ten years to do a good job.
I am also asked for non -executive positions. There, companies are ready to train employees. But this project will come later.

Watercolor painting by Aurélie Treil for Ekoo

Concretely, how should candidates interested in the concept proceed?

Candidates who interact with Ekoo know that they no longer want to use the profession in which they have thrived until then. They know they have the ability to do other things but they find it difficult to be interviewed because their CVs have a dominant focus on a particular type of job. At Ekoo, these candidates have the opportunity to introduce themselves in a five -minute video by following some instructions and tips. For the sake of reward, we responded to this video with another video made by an Ekoo member, to start each game on equal footing.

Then we plan the first meeting. It was then an interview guided by a few questions, but also a moment to think, to get to know each other. Here, without a CV, we start with a blank sheet! We structure the professional career of the candidate but we also look at what the person wants to do, what has worked in their career, what suits them, their aspirations … This approach makes it possible to show the person in its entirety and to take into account the personality of the candidates. We don’t meet for a position. Consequently, as a recruiter we have nonea priori and do not create shortcuts. And of course, they pay nothing!

And for businesses?

On the business side, I’m going to do a lot of evangelism … Now, when we think of recruitment, we think of a need. The company uses a recruiter to help find the right person. In my approach, recruitment is done upstream. To do this, the Ekoo agency must have a good knowledge of the companies where it recruits. We need to know the directions, the teams, understand the market, the business, the challenges, the work culture, the environment in which candidates must present themselves. In companies, we discuss the need they have identified and consider options other than recruitment if necessary. The idea is to stop the continuation in a hurry, and to propose to the company to take an inventory to predict some recruitment. Finally, Ekoo presents pre -selected candidates to companies, who do not have a CV but have a report where we explain why we believe the selected person is relevant for the position offered.

Do you have good feedback on your concept?

Everyone I interview buys into the concept. Ekoo responds to current issues. But companies are not necessarily ready to carry out this inventory work prior to recruitment. And they are not ready to pay for it yet … I am always thinking of my offer. This is very different from what has been done in the very long time in the market and there are still efforts to be made to change mindsets.

At this stage of the adventure, I want to meet with business or HR leaders, who are having difficulty recruiting to talk more about what can help them, their perspective and how they receive the offer. this.

How do you envision the future of Ekoo?

Hopefully the chakras will be opened! That more and more companies follow the procedure and start working in anticipation. And obviously, I want to expand my offer to more professions, we have a lot of leads!

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