3Founders: A Web3 -focused startup studio launched by eFounders

3Founders is new starting studio focused only on Web3. But what is a starting studio ? It is a company that creates startups based on shared resources and a multidisciplinary team. In other words, a starting studio is a startup factory: a company that aims to create several startups. EFounders acts as a reference in France and in Europe to startup studios. We know about PyratzLabs, a starting studio European for Web3. 3Founders is here! Why launch a starting studio Web3? What will it be used for?

eFounders, a starting studio benchmark in France and Europe

Founded in 2011, the company is behind approximately thirty start-ups, including two French unicorns (companies worth more than a billion dollars): Aircall and Spendesk. Combining the 33 startups created, they generate $ 170 million in ARR and employ 2,000 employees! Inevitably, the company gained a solid reputation in France and throughout the Old Continent. EFounders offers ideas for new startups. He then counseled and assisted them for 18 months. The goal is that the initial idea is transformed into an independent startup that adequately responds to the target market.

What is 3Founders?

While cryptocurrencies and NFT have undergone severe devaluation for more than a week, eFounders decided to find it starting studioWeb3. What should we expect? According to the creator of eFounders, Thibaud Elzière, the principle is “to apply the model we set up with eFounders to all Web3 themes, from infrastructures to applications and tools”. Concrete, ” with 3founder, we want to build key bricks, tools and applications for companies and teams to take full advantage of the many possibilities that Web3 has to offer ” .

How it will work starting studio Web3?

So, 3Founders will come up with ideas for Web3 projects. The starting studiowill merge-force with two complementary entrepreneurs: one is focused on technology, the other is on business. Then, he will help them find the right oneappropriate to the product/market . 3Founders will rely on synergies, its network and the skills of its workforce to bring new players to Web3 .

Why go to Web3?

For Thibaud Elzière “Web3 takes us back to the beginning of the Internet”.We are entering a new era with new possibilities and opportunities. “There will be new apps that will break the way some things work. But it’s hard to project yourself, because we don’t know yet which ones they are»he says.

Cohort, the first startup from 3Founders

Just launched, 3Founders is already at the root of a Web3 startup: Cohort. The cohort discusses the CRM strategy of brands. “It’s a tool that allows brands and organizations to send NFTs to their customers in order to offer them exclusive experiences”, explains eFounders founder, Thibaud Elzière. NFTs can effectively improve digital customer interaction. For example, Etam lingerie brand organized a fashion show on May 12, inviting its guests through NFTs. The use of NFTs can be particularly interesting for companies. In fact, they allow brands “to better monitor and maintain their relationship with customers, to improve the customer experience and make it a community, because despite the NFTs, Web3 is reinventing the way brands interact with their community “ he said.

It will be very exciting to follow the progress of 3Founders and the new Web3 startups that will appear here. Anyway, even in the very beginning of Web3, we were feeling the big players knew something was going on. Thestarting studioFrançais de Référence is creating a new subsidiary entirely dedicated to Web3. VCs (investment funds for start-ups) are putting big tickets on Web3 projects whose finished product has not yet been released. GAFAMs position themselves. Contrary to what we have seen in the development of the crypto industry, Web3 is attracting more and more large traditional players for better or for worse …

Source: Maddyness

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