Supima is partnering with TextileGenesis to redefine industry traceability standards

TEMPE, Arizona (USA), June 13, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Supima, the brand of the US-grown Pima cotton variety, has announced a strategic partnership with TextileGenesis ™ to create a new industry benchmark platform for cotton authentication.

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Supima cotton farm (Photo: Business Wire)

Supima’s blockchain platform powered by TextileGenesis ™ will digitally connect the entire Supima supply chain, from farm to brand/retail. Integrated with this digital platform, Supima’s technology partner, Oritain ™, will provide scientific origin verification for Supima cotton on this platform. The ability to independently validate Supima fiber content of products at all stages of the supply chain delivers unparalleled authenticity and accountability through a combination of physical and digital scientific validation.

Since its creation in 1954, SUPIMA® has been dubbed “the best cotton in the world”. Today, the brand is writing a new page in its history in its leadership role, providing the global fashion industry with the best and most reliable verification solution for the supply of high-quality genuine fibers. SUPIMA® is pleased to partner with leading brands and retailers on transparency and responsible sourcing. This innovative supply chain traceability platform provides the underlying mechanism for collaborating with partners in a transparent and verifiable manner.

Fibercoin ™, TextileGenesis’ technology, will be included in Supima’s licensed program and will be applied to all SUPIMA branded fibers® throughout the supply chain, producing a non-fungible digital token for every kilogram of Supima cotton that can be physically and scientifically verified, and authenticated by Supima from farm to store. The revolutionary effort in finding cotton represents a new level of responsibility within the global textile industry and for consumers. Supima strives to bring more authenticity and accountability to cotton sourcing emphasizing fairness and ubiquity for all supply chain partners.

“Supima’s partnership with TextileGenesis provides for the first time undeniable proof of the origin of consumer goods by tracking the origin of the fiber. It enables Supima’s brand partners to claim displayable products. benefits to product quality and durability, which can be independently verified by digital and physical testing.This system is unique in its type, and specifically in this fiber.SUPIMA partners® will benefit from the most authentic and reliable source of high-quality cotton to cover all current and future needs for luxury fashion and home textile products, ”said Marc Lewkowitz, CEO of Supima.

“This collaboration lays the foundations for new standards for the cotton and high-quality fibers industry, and paves the way for the entire fashion ecosystem. We have uniquely combined three key innovations, the item level token-based traceability, concrete scientific verification and licensing of the Supima brand, on an integrated platform. We’re building a new industry benchmark for end-to-end traceability and physical verification, “said Amit Gautam, Founder and CEO of TextileGenesis.

TextileGenesis is a market -leading traceability platform specifically designed for the fashion and textile ecosystem. It has partnered with more than 40 leading international brands to create fiber-to-store traceability for sustainable, certified and high-quality materials. By the end of 2022, TextileGenesis will have established traceability of over 500 million units within the global fashion industry.

Supima is the premium cotton in the United States. Founded in 1954, the Supima brand, short for “Superior Pima”, refers to a select type of extra-long staple cotton produced sustainably in the Western and Southwestern United States. It is highly valued by designers and savvy consumers around the world who trust in its strength, consistent color, wrapped softness and durability.

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