Proptech: Masteos raised 40 million to become No. 1 in rental investment in Europe in 2024

Turnkey rental investment Proptech, Masteos has announced a fundraiser of 40 million euros from DST Global Partners, Daphni and its own employees, 9 months after raising 15 million euros.

To establish itself as Europe’s leader in rental investment

After an initial fundraiser of 15 million by the end of 2021, Masteos is finalizing a new fundraiser of 40 million euros.

DST Global Partners and Daphni (BackMarket,, Swile, etc.) led this round, in which start-up employees also participated, up 10%.

This envelope will allow proptech which launched 3 years ago to allow individuals to make their rental investments remotely, to accelerate its technological development and continue its expansion in France and Europe.

Strengthen the network in France and in Europe

In this new fundraiser, Masteos aims to improve its solution, to make it more seamless and transparent at every stage of a project, and to extend its presence not only in the 50 largest cities in France by 2023, but also well in the United Kingdom and Germany from the end of 2022, pending opening in Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Get 800 new employees

The development of Masteos goes through rrecruitment of 300 new employees in 2022 alone, and 500 more in 2023.
In just 3 years of existence, we have grown from 10 to 370 employees and were able to raise a total of more than 55 million euros, a record in the rental investment sector. With this new big round table, we can further strengthen the digitalization of our solution and continue our deployment in France and beyond“, explains Thierry Vignal, president and co-founder of Masteos. And to continue: Our goal is to allow French and Europeans to make their rental investments from their smartphone: visit properties in 3D, follow a construction site and tenant management, or complete all necessary documents in a few minutes. click on an app. “.

Sremove major barriers to buy-to-let investment

While PropTech is experiencing growing enthusiasm among the general public, Masteos has established itself as a major player in rental investment.

With over 900 projects completed from A to Z in 3 years, the start-up currently has a rate of 150 operations per month. There are 370 employees, including 60 freelancers, who are now participating in growth of more than 200% per year over the past two years.

This success confirms the interest of investors for the start-up recipe: a simple investment solution, based on technology and makes it possible to overcome the major barriers to investment in hire. These are mainly due to the duration of the operation, the difficulty in finding an interesting property or the complexity of managing a site.

In addition to simplicity for the user, the quality of the properties selected for investors also plays an important role, by carefully exploiting the indicators made internally to judge the quality of the properties. offered to individuals.

Proptech, the new El Dorado for entrepreneurs and investors

Real estate is one of the sectors of the economy where startups are currently most dynamic, to digitize and modernize a sector considered lagging behind.

PropTech currently counts more than 6,000 start-ups worldwide according to a census conducted by insurance brokerage firm Unissu, in fields as varied as real estate transactions, management, construction or even the theme of Smart City.

A keystone of the digital transformation of the real estate value chain, PropTech now offers, through the use of new technologies, innovative solutions to various players in the real estate market.

In the past four years, more than 400 start-ups in the sector have been born in France according to French Proprtech. Young shoots who completed 44 fundraising rounds in 2021 and combined 628 million euros of investments.

Some market data is enough to prove the dynamism of PropTech, a new El Dorado for traders and investors attracted by what could be the next area of ​​technological turmoil.

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