How has the AdVini international team been able to consolidate the collaboration between its teams?

In an international or multi-site context, it is not always easy to collaborate with efficiency and cohesion. This becomes more complicated when you need to manage a large quantity of products and ensure the dissemination of information about them across different channels.

Who should take care of securing product sheets? Who manages to update them? These are all questions on which the productivity of teams and the development of a company depend.

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On Friday June 24 at exactly 2 pm, Quable, PIM and DAM product information management solutions for brands, invited you to a webinar to learn how AdVini, a company that specializes in production and distribution of local wines, which consolidate the collaboration between its services thanks to a Product Information Management (PIM).


Improve collaboration between different AdVini departments

AdVini is an international group. It is present in more than 110 countries, has a portfolio of 430 wine brands and has a catalog of 10,000 products. In total, 900 employees are doubling their efforts to ensure the proper development of the company. They are present in representative offices and agencies located around the world: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, China, Sweden, South Africa and Hong Kong.

In this context, it can quickly become difficult to work effectively hand in hand. This issue can have a huge impact on business efficiency. The goal is therefore to find a single solution that allows easy collaboration between the different departments responsible for production, products, marketing, sales and the Information System Department (DSI). To do this, it is important to establish a clear and calibrated workflow, where each contributor knows what he or she should do and when.

In this webinar, Thierry René, Director of Information Systems and Charles Delvincourt, Director of Partnerships at Quable, will return to all the challenges to which the PIM solution has made it possible to respond. Among them, the creation of a complete product storage adapted to the unique activity of winemaking, and optimized for international markets. They will explain in detail how using PIM simplifies product data enrichment and classification for a global company like AdVini.


PIM, the perfect tool to meet these challenges

To address these various challenges, AdVini turned to Quable’s PIM. It enables centralized management and optimal distribution of all product information across multiple B2B and B2C sales channels: web, marketplaces, distribution network/reseller, social shopping, print or even physical point of sale. With this solution, companies can manage millions of products every day, whether they operate in industry, service, food, fashion or even beauty.

In this online event, you’ll discover how Quable’s PIM has enabled AdVini to enrich and classify its product data, so that teams have easier access to real-time technical, commercial, and marketing information to disseminate. on all channels. The two speakers will explain to you how this has a positive impact on team productivity, and thus the development of an international business.

Through AdVini’s testimony, you’ll learn about the benefits of PIM technology to unify collaboration between its teams, but not only. You will discover how it simplifies the deployment of new sales channels, accelerates the formation of a global company, simplifies the online delivery of their products … There are many elements that contribute to improving the quality and conversion of lists. products. To learn all the benefits of this solution, don’t forget to register for the Quable webinar.


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