Our 5 tips for becoming an expatriation billionaire (or if not, a millionaire)

And if your expatriation is finally the way to get rich, really rich? Becoming a billionaire or millionaire abroad is something you can finally reach. But if you just follow these 5 proven tips.

Going on an expatriation is often the best way to seek new professional opportunities and grow faster. So why not have the ambition of your dreams and finally reach the jackpot? Here are 5 steps to follow to achieve your goals and be on the cover of Forbes someday.

With this diploma in hand, there are no more obstacles!

Choose the right education to get rich

If you were not born into a very wealthy family like 30% of billionaires, it will all start for you with the right career choice and therefore training. According to a study conducted by British firm Aaron Wallis, 75% of the richest people in the world have a higher level of education and among the most represented courses, engineering, business and finance come first. But beware, A good school is not only judged by the quality of the teachers but also by the connections you can make there. Therefore, American Ivy League universities prefer whether you want to befriend future Steve Jobs or be funded by your great -grandson Rockefeller party friend.

A meeting to create an expatriate business
Unity is strength!

Start your business… in the right place

It is often said that business is more complicated in France than abroad. So why not build your projects in a state that is more conducive to entrepreneurs? 17% of the richest get rich by starting their own business. According to figures from the World Bank’s Doing business study in 2020, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Denmark and South Korea are the five countries where it is easiest to start a business.

Now that administrative paperwork is no longer a problem, it is important to evaluate the needs of your new host country. You need to choose the market that best suits your concept, where you will have the best opportunity to implement your brilliant idea or promote your French know-how. So, opening a bakery in France will definitely not have the same impact as if you do it in Japan or Hong Kong. Conversely, there is no need to build your new brand of vegan pie in a country already saturated with this type of product. So ask yourself this question: where is my idea likely to work?

The 10 countries where it is easiest to set up a business (Doing business of the World Bank 2020)

  1. New Zealand
  2. Singapore
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Denmark
  5. South Korea
  7. Georgia
  8. UK
  9. Norway
  10. Sweden
A woman in New York
Go to New York, to meet my new billionaire friends!

Get closer to other billionaires

What if your environment has already put you in good shape and in a conquering state of mind? After all, if some cities are home to more billionaires than others, why not move there for a chance? Again, the United States seems like a good option. New York is home to the most billionaires in the world (106 in 2022) and San Francisco is in 9th place (45). According to the Forbes ranking, China is also an interesting destination where Beijing is in 2nd place (83 billionaires) followed by Hong Kong in 3rd place (67), Shanghai in 5th place (61) and Shenzhen in 6th. place (59 billionaires). Find out where they are developing their habits and if you haven’t had a chance to talk to them on school benches, make friends with them. Having good relationships with the people in the industry you want to include is an important step towards your future success!

Cities with the most billionaires (Forbes, 2022)

1. New York: 106 billionaires
Total net worth: $ 638.4 billion

2. Beijing: 83 billionaires
Total net worth: $ 310 billion

3.Hong Kong: 67 billionaires
Total net worth: $ 300.7 billion

4. London: 65 billionaires
Total net worth: $ 323 billion

5. Shanghai: 61 billionaires
Total net worth: $ 187 billion

6. Shenzhen: 59 billionaires
Total net worth: $ 286.6 billion

7. Moscow: 52 billionaires
Total net worth: $ 217.5 billion

8. Mumbai: 51 billionaires
Total net worth: $ 301.3 billion

9. San Francisco: 45 billionaires
Total net worth: $ 162.3 billion

10. Seoul: 38 billionaires
Total net worth: $ 108.3 billion

One million Vietnamese dong
And another million worthy dongs!

Living in a country where it is easier to be a billionaire

Becoming a billionaire takes a lot of effort, especially if you are not lucky enough to win the final jackpot in Lotto. However, wealth remains relative, and largely depends on the flow of money. So let’s forget the euro, the US dollar or even the pound sterling. In many countries, becoming a millionaire or becoming a billionaire is not that complicated. So, 1 million South Korean won is only equivalent to 740 euros, 1 million Laotian kip to 65 euros and you will only need 40 euros to reach your first million in Vietnamese dong! So you’re a billionaire without even knowing it!

A beach in Bora Bora
Beautiful beach chairs are just waiting for you …

To be rich … with someone’s experience (?)

It may sound very cliché, but isn’t expatriation what makes us rich, at least humanly? Whether your dreams of creating the next unicorn or becoming very famous end, you will always be comforted by having a good experience. This new capital will not necessarily allow you to buy your second home in Bora Bora, but will all these memories collected abroad finally have a price? Well … in fact, the villa in Bora Bora is hard to forget but it is not necessarily unreachable. You can always make the most of your great international experience and this new overseas network to try to get through and get a better position when you return to France. It’s still a bit difficult, the fine sand is patiently waiting for you …

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