Crayta: our impressions of Ready Player One Meta sauce without VR!

It’s been almost 2 years since Crayta is available, first launched at Stadia (2020) and then a year later onEpic Games Storehere he comes (following the taking) to playing facebookthe gaming platform of Meta. Mark Zuckerberg took advantage of the launch to copy his Hacker Square while discussing the game with the creators/developers of the platform.

General presentation

To make this possible, Crayta hopes cloud gamingwhich makes for a more pleasing to the eye experience than a HorizonWorldwhile closer to the announcements of Meta when Connect 2021 and much more from a certain Ready Player One. The boss of Meta said about it:

Crayta makes it possible to create complex environments in HD or 3D directly in the cloud, to transfer them over the network to put them online – which was previously impossible via a desktop browser or a smartphone.

I hope you understand, when you launch Crayta, it is not your device (PC, Mac, smartphone …) that calculates your game, but the servers of Meta. You just control a PC remotely, like a Shadow PC or tomorrow Project Avalanche.

We still often associate the metaverse with 3D experiences that can be experienced in virtual and augmented reality. Crayta allows this type of experience to be generated and lived seamlessly in all types of 2D environments, including through Facebook applications on smartphones and computers.

This verse calls, for simple hospital and charitable reasons. How dare Mark Zuckerberg say that “we so often associate the metaverse with VR and augmented reality” when he gave a full lecture on this topic at 1h30 during the conference Connect 2021 ? This announcement is a cold shower for all those who someday want to live an experience Ready Player One wearing their helmets VR. To easily escape, to feel things, to have this sense of presence, all that can make salt a total immersion is sweep away with the back of the hand. Especially since this immersion, Meta has made it its business for over a year, promising us that over the years, the VR and augmented reality will be similar to the film repeated many times in this article. So let’s bet on the future metaverse ng Meta it looks more like a feature film than that Free Men (which describes the world in which players connect to metaverse only with 2D screens, such as Crayta).

Detailed presentation

Sa Crayta, we can reach different games (universes) in two ways, the first is the physical transition to the portal of the title in question, the second is the pressing of the key Esc of his keyboard and go there by clicking on it. Players have a choice. If we were in virtual reality, the first would be more relevant.

Game Esc

The games offered are iterations of what is done elsewhere, whether in Roblox or Hatch Kids, with graphics comparable to Core Games (EU4 mandatory). So don’t expect to see narrative games a la The last of usbut more games that copy existing (Battle Royaleparkour, golf …). Know that it is possible to recover things in the game or complete goals that allow you to unlock cosmetic elements, and that is a shamebecause everyone knows, the salt of a metaverse is to allow someone to get an item that boosts his abilities, allowing him to stand in the gamenot just in appearance.

Pirates Golf The floor is lava

As always, these are the first games to suffer from cheat syndrome, developers or apprentice developers want to first cut their teeth on what they know (by copying old concepts), before proceeding to speed superior through of offering us more original games. Meta offers, through Crayta, rewards (up to $ 50,000) aimed at guaranteeing a particular emulsion between developers. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg announced during Connect 2021 want to help people who want to put their hands on their feet to build the future metaversething promised, thing to be paid.

Gusto Basic Games, you will not find the machine in a rough way EU4you can access a simplification authorization overlay to facilitate your creative process. That said, that’s a waste Crayta does not include visual programming, in other words blocks to be linked to interact with the environment (in a way scratch), which is the easiest way to create, unlike lines of code (programming language such as Lua) which we see in the video. Strange to see this possibility offered to usersHorizonWorldbut not to see him in Craytawho however wants to mix as many people as possible, in addition to those without helmets VR or augmented reality glasses.

Crayta dev Crayta line of codes

Fortunately, the documentation is complete, the trainers create tutorials that allow you to become familiar with the tools you can use. Cherry on the cake, these are not videos, but a harmony of text and images, which will allow the developer to return more quickly to a point he or she does not understand, and to avoid the relentless pausing inherent in video training. On the other hand, if Crayta its interface changes, will need to redo all the screenshots, we want them to have the guts.

Balance sheet

What can we conclude from this overview? First of all, it is a pleasant and continuous experience, the cloud gaming is completely transparent (only enthusiasts will see compression artifacts occasionally). That is too bad VR remains absent from subscribers, this will greatly facilitate its democratization and give meaning to the principle of metaverse (if Crayta is part of metaverseso we have it since the appearance of the first party game 3D online). We are not customers of experiments Rec: Rooms o sa VR Chatbut it is true that increasing experiences with Ready Player One someone is flirting with us. The saying, pierce, metaverse as we think it must bring something Meta (no pun intended), something viscerally involving the player or the community, such as finding 3 hidden keys in different games to get a prize or privileges in the game, finding the person who hacked here or that game or service, etc. Otherwise, it will be just a copy of Roblox where Basic Gameswithout adding anything new!

Small precision both, there are comics dedicated to him by searching the Crayta site, so cross-media seems interested Meta. We’ll see in the future if animated series or movies will point to the tip of their nose. If this mixed genre doesn’t continue, it will serve as a wet firecracker. Therefore, at the moment, wait and see


And you? What do you think ? Feel free to let us know in the comments. If you haven’t gotten the plunge yet, you can treat yourself to a Oculus Quest 2 in the house of BakerThe Fnac, Darty o Amazon for € 349.99. You will also find great PCs for gamers there.

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