Prima L&H, the cloud platform for borrower insurance, incorporates the provisions of Lemoine law

Software publisher for insurance and reinsurance professionals, Prima Solutions announces compliance with its Prima L&H cloud platform with the obligations of the Lemoine law declared on February 28, 2022 and applicable on 1eh June of the same year. Despite very tight deadlines, the new version of Prima L&His in production with insurers using the solution.

Law No. 2022-270 of February 28, 2022 known as the “Lemoine law” for fairer, simpler and smoother access to the borrower’s insurance market includes three major changes: the introduction of free termination at any time , the right to forget that hepatitis C is now included in addition to cancerous pathologies and decreases from ten to five years from the end of the therapeutic protocol, as well as the removal of the health questionnaire when subscribing to insurance for on loans of less than € 200,000 ending before the borrower. will be 60.
Deadlines are, as is often the case with personal insurance, very short since the application date for new borrower contracts is set for June 1, 2022. Current contracts benefit from 3 more months to suit. in the new system.
“The project started several years and even several times rejected. The final text was adopted in February which means we only have 3 months to adapt Prima L&H. In this context, our proactive regulatory monitoring unit and the fact of making several versions available to our customers each year are clear assets. ”said Frédéric Dutreuil, Product Strategy Director at Prima Solutions.

Prima L&H is the cloud platform for health insurance, pensions and the borrower developed by Prima Solutions. The software is deployed to several major players in the French insurance market but also within smaller structures, to brokers and delegates. “Therefore, the Lemoine law directly affects our customers”continued Frédéric Dutreuil. “The changes are targeted but significant. They are concerned with sales and management tools where the amount of the borrower’s insurance accumulated over 8 years must systematically come out, in simulations man, quotes , advertisements or standardized sheets, for example.Letters are also affected by the obligation of information on the possibility of termination, its terms and the various notification deadlines.Not to mention the removal of medical questionnaire as well as additional premiums, exclusions or limitations under the conditions of law. As a publisher, one of our duties is to ensure regulatory compliance. Our agile organization and our factory development allow us to quickly and repeatedly incorporate new requirements as per Lemoine law. Some changes are also made without any line of code, simply by configuration, such as desktop publishing for example or the update of some specific price. The flexibility of our configuration workshop also made it possible to develop a workflow, with or without a medical questionnaire. »

The new version of Prima L&H has been in production since 1eh June. The challenge was met on time thanks to the collaborative work of the Prima Solutions team and the software users.

“The borrower insurance market is huge and we are seeing an attraction from professionals who will take advantage of this opening up to competition to launch 100% digital offers with simplified subscription paths and expedited membership deadlines, all this is to meet the expectations of policyholders who are looking for the best conditions for their loans ”explained Hugues Delannoy, President of Prima Solutions. “In this context, the release of the new version of Prima L&H on the first day of the application of the Lemoine law is a strong signal of Prima Solutions’ ability to support the insurance market in its evolutions. This law is only one stage and an evaluation of the effects of removing the health questionnaire is already planned for 2 years. Other regulatory changes will come and, as always, we will be able to incorporate them in time to facilitate the work of our users. »


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