Interview. In Normandy, the level of business failures is “at its lowest”

Anthony Streicher, president of the GSC organization. (© DR)

1,023 Norman business leaders have lost a job sa 2021a number in fallen. Explanations with Anthony Streicher, president ofGSC association (Social guarantee for entrepreneurs).

News: What are the goals of the GSC organization?

Anthony Streicher: It is an association founded over 40 years ago by employers ’organizations, with two main objectives. On the one hand, information for business leaders and awareness of the risks of entrepreneurship, because creating a company is great, but it is also dangerous. So it is necessary to be prepared for any eventuality, and more specifically unemployment. On the other hand, the establishment of unemployment benefit, in the event of default (4 out of 10 companies do not exceed the 5-year mark!). This is protection that employers can get by taking out an individual insurance contract with our group of insurers. Unfortunately, today, at the national level, 99% of male and female entrepreneurs do not have plan B: insurance, savings … So we try to advance our protection solution.

“Channel up 11.2%”

What trends did your study reveal?

US: In 2021, 1,023 business leaders lost their professional activity in Normandy, a decrease of 27.8% compared to 2020. But the five departments were inconsistent: of the 179 entrepreneurs who lost their jobs, the Channel experienced of an increase of 11.2% between 2020 and 2021, while the other four posted a decrease between 27.7% and 39.5%. We have not yet faced the dreaded bankruptcy of the tidal wave.

How do we explain this?

US: Since 1987, we have found ourselves at the level of failures at its lowest in two years. This is a reflection of state assistance during this health crisis, whatever the cost, of the collapse of the economic system. For the Channel, there was certainly an increase, but in 2020, there was a 40% decrease, so it was a catch-up effect. Differences between departments can also be explained by the typology of companies. Thus, there is a higher proportion of agriculture in the Channel, but this is a sector that will be strongly impacted in France in 2021.

By sector

Business leaders were deprived of employment in Normandy, distribution by economic sector and evolution between 2020 and 2021: insurance and financial activities: 0.8% (0%); agriculture: 6.3% (+ 88.2%); trade: 21.2% (-36.5%); construction: 25.2% (-21%); accommodation, catering, beverages: 12.1% (-43.6%); industry: 8.3% (-23.4%); information and communication: 2.3% (-40%); business services: 10.9% (-24.8%); personal services: 3.6% (-31.5%); transportation and logistics: 3.2% (-35.3%); other activity: 6.1% (-19.7%).

What is the typical profile of these business leaders who have recently been deprived of work?

US: The median age is 48, so a fairly experienced entrepreneur profile. They are not, in general, young leaders of out-of-school start-ups. For Channel, 8 times out of 10, it is about companies with less than 3 employees (SA, SAS, SARL). And 8 times out of 10, the annual turnover is less than € 500,000. Therefore, they are the bosses of small businesses who have everything to do, everything to manage … But they are not Superman! And in general, they don’t have access to all information, especially protection. In case of failure, between the psychological shock, the desire to return, the housing loan to be paid, the children’s school to be paid …, the situation can be very difficult. This is why you need to be insured when the company is still in good health: in the event of default, the insurance is triggered 30 days after judicial liquidation, for the period chosen by the contracting party. Most choose to protect themselves for a year. We have an online simulator on the site.

How do you see the future?

US: From September-October 2021, insolvencies began to rise again and returned to normal levels, with a gradual end to aid. There are also some issues to consider: recruitment, energy, disruption in the international supply of certain products and services, customer behavior changed, inflation, the war in Ukraine .. All these elements that Externally in the company there are as many difficulties that can fall on the head of the company.

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