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WSIS 2022: La Poste won by 1eh e-business awards

On the sideline of the 2022 annual forum of the World Summit on the Information Society “WSIS”, held recently in Geneva, Switzerland, the Tunisian Post announced that it has acquired 1eh prize in the “e-business” category, through its “D17” electronic payment application, in recognition of its role as a leading public company in the development of “e-business” digital services. This application allows different categories of society (students, businessmen and citizens) to benefit from a package of financial services, such as money transfers, payment of bills and payments of merchants through the new “scan QR code”. The D17 app was first ranked nationwide according to the number of its subscribers, which was at 500,000. To be downloaded for free via the App store or Play store, it must be linked to a virtual account. Note that D17 is a mobile application for Smartphone and IOS (Apple operating system), associated with e-Dinar accounts (Smart, PRO, Young, Digicard, etc.). It allows payments to be made via QR code with complete safety and speed, at various points of sale, and even perform a range of financial transactions.

A tele-migration platform: To counter the flight of Tunisian engineers

Since 2011, more than 100,000 multidisciplinary skills (doctors, scientists and above all engineers) have left Tunisia. To definitely counteract these work problems and this brain drain phenomenon, a team of talents will launch a digital platform “moningenieur.express” that will allow the Tunisian engineer, in the job search, to tele-migrate to teleworking, i.e.. that he will be able to work at any time without leaving Tunisia, on a short or long-term mission, for French and European companies, with a very attractive salary (thanks to the wage portage system set by the platform) and in optimal conditions at work. The engagement process is simple and fast: the job-seeking engineer submits his CV for free, companies also register for free and describe their needs accurately, the platform’s matching algorithms are immediately match the requests of the recruiters to the appropriate profiles … The rest is for the customer service department of the platform to put the company and the engineer with each other until the conclusion of the service provision contract. The recruiting client is invoiced in euros and the integrated wage portage solution legally allows the engineer to be paid directly in Tunisia, in Tunisian dinars. The platform is paid for by a commission received from the recruiter and engineer. The “moningenieur.express” team announces that it will be able to make the first contacts between Tunisian engineers and French companies this summer.

Sofrecom Tunisia: A new site in Sfax

A year after the inauguration of its new headquarters in Tunis, Sofrecom Tunisie is now installed in the Sfax technology park where its second site at the Hôtel des entreprises is located. Through this installation, Sofrecom demonstrates its ambitions to strengthen its historic partnership and become a major player in development in Tunisia. According to Samir Benzahra, Managing Director of Sofrecom Tunisia, the Sfax site is a new step in its growth strategy. It offers the opportunity to continue its development with highly qualified profiles in digital professions, by being as close as possible to university research and training sites. It also reflects the company’s desire to contribute to job creation in Tunisia, and to meet the aspirations of some of its teams.

The Orange Foundation: Inauguration of 3e village of Bayadha

After the two villages of Bir Salah in Sfax and El Garaa-Ouled Abdel Mouleh in Kasserine, launched in collaboration with the Ajmi Toumi associations in 2014 and Assen (Child Support Association) in 2016, the Orange Tunisia Foundation, with the support of the Orange Foundation and in collaboration with the association A child, smiled (Ueds), inaugurated 3 of ite Village, Bayadha, in Jendouba, in the presence of residents and local actors involved in this project and friendly guests, including UNDP, AFD, IFT and the start-up Kumulus Water. As a reminder, the Orange Foundation’s “Villages” program aims to bring three important development levers to the most vulnerable populations. The sustainable and integrated local development project, managed with the support of the Orange Foundation and in collaboration with civil society and local authorities, aims to concretely improve the daily lives of living in a village with three to five thousand inhabitants. , especially young people. children and women, by promoting access to education, basic health care and water, without forgetting, of course, when possible, digital access and economic empowerment among villagers. For the Village of Bayadha, five thousand residents will therefore benefit from these levers that are essential to their well-being, thanks to the great work done in the field by the Ueds-Orange teams, namely education for all, access to water and upgrading of the current water point, including the adjustment of the reservoir to meet regulatory and health standards, the installation of a motor to guarantee a good flow and the installation of filters to treat water, access to primary care and the construction of a dispensary, fully equipped with machines, equipment and medical equipment … This project was also born thanks to very close cooperation with local authorities, as well as to the regional directorates of the Ministries of Health and Education.

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