“Candidates have become rockstars”

On June 2, a recruitment forum in the Tech sector was held at Station F, organized by Tekkit.io. Developers, DevOps, architects, project managers, data scientists … About fifty companies responded to try to find the rare gem, while 500 pre-selected candidates came to shop. Because the balance of power in the sector is more in favor of the candidates. According to recruiters, it is increasingly difficult to find shoes that fit.

“The market is crowded”, summarizes a recruiter from ESN Devoteam. In IT, recruitment hours in 2021 varied between 3 and 6 months, according to an Apec study published June 7. Wage was the first adjustment variable. When they don’t keep up, companies are forced to lower their requirements and recruit less experienced ones. This leads to some young graduates who are sometimes overly greedy.

Wage inflation

“For young graduates with a bac+5 engineer profile, the increase is about 2000 euros per year. The minimum dropout in school, in the data, DevOps or cybersecurity sectors, is 40 000 or 42,000 euros gross per year “But they do receive offers, which can be as much as 45,000 or 48,000 euros.”, explains Devoteam. ESN provides cooptation bonuses of 1,500 to 3,000 euros for its employees who help find new recruits.

“Candidates become rockstars, they ask for a very good salary after school. A DevOps cloud, for example, without experience, is at least 45,000 euros! After 3 or 4 years of experience”testifies to fintech PayPlug, which currently has 36 open positions in Tech. “For three, four years, the candidates interviewed us.” He is more quite common for recruiters to “ghost” candidates. Julie Bonnot, consultant manager at Héméra, a digital transformation consulting firm, recalled that she called the candidate for a second interview. He did not give any news.

“Inflation, in 3 to 6 months, is incredible”confirmed by Treezor, a fintech of 200 people, specializes in banking as a servicebelonging to the Societe Generale group. “The unicorns, which have raised funds, are exceeding salaries. I can give you the example of a DevOps who left after three months to double his package. In this sector, people can rise by several times a year “told us Aurélie Blanchet, the HRD.

Wages are also growing very fast. After 8 or 10 years, a DevOps can earn 100,000 euros per year.

other arguments to appreciate

In this hyper-competitive context, salaries in some professions, in the provinces, are now roughly equal to the Paris salaries of many start-ups. Even in companies the historic headquarters are in the provinces, such as Niort-based Macif, which recruits between 50 and 60 CDIs per year in technology. Faced with the same problems as others, the mutual began to open positions in Paris to get some profiles, its HR IT manager, Alexandre Daoust, confessed to us. It also relies on work-study, to try to keep the twenty profiles it captures in this mode each year.

Faced with the golden bridge of unicorns and the attractiveness of Big Tech, start-ups and companies in traditional sectors have put up other arguments: training, quality of work life, flexible hours, telework , the possibility to work from the provinces just by coming. three or four days a month in the office in Paris… Some may also play as RTT, as many technology companies are subject to the Syntec collective agreement, not the most generous in this regard.

But hanging out free massages, all-you-can-eat meals, and coworker parties aren’t enough. Professionals give priority to the quality of the projects offered to them, the interest of the assignments, the use of the latest technologies, and the rapid development of skills.

Axa, for example, which this year is recruiting 800 CDIs and CDDs in France internally for tech positions, values ​​professional development over two years. You need to act fast, so as not to give professionals time to get bored, as Paul, a 24-year-old data engineer who was there to meet with recruiters, testified. “more people” on networks only. “Technically, I’m stagnating. I’ve reached the limit of what my company can offer me”, he explains. He has a year and a half of experience.

spammed on linkedin

A more “human” recruitment is what most young professionals we meet are looking for. LinkedIn is now one of the favored sourcing channels in this sector, and candidates are highly sought after. To the point, for some, of receiving several canvasses a day, not always well targeted. Pierre, a student at Epita, will only graduate in a year and a half. Like his friend Mathieu, they have already interacted with the professional network.

Leo, a 26-year-old data consultant, is well organized. He arranges requests, and arranges half-day interviews, which he is able to withdraw because he is full-time in teleworking. His project has not yet been decided, he will not move unless he gets 15 to 25% extra on his pay slip.

The sector where recruiting professionals certainly has difficulty is cybersecurity. Candidates belonging to this branch are the smallest in the forum, according to the organizers: only 5% of participants (the majority are developers, representing 45% of the public). The only one we identified in this report, a cloud security expert, will not take on a permanent contract. Freelancing since January, he is completely overwhelmed and manages to generate more income in his activity as an independent consultant than the 120,000 euros gross that his last position brought him.

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