EKINOPS – SixSq launches its ‘App Vendor Program’ for its B2B marketplace Nuvla.io – A new step for Ekinops to realize the benefits of Edge Computing – 2022-06-09 – 18:00

Geneva, June 9, 2022.-Ekinops (Euronext Paris-FR0011466069-EKI), a specialist in network access and virtualization, today announced the launch of its subsidiary SixSq, a software publisher in SaaS mode (Software-as-a-Service). dedicated to Edge Computing, Nuvla.io’s “App Vendor Program” to accelerate the delivery and monetization of edge applications in its B2B marketplace.

SixSq’s Nuvla.io is a proven digital platform for the industrialization and automation of Edge applications in container format and equipment management.

Simplified go-to-market for application providers

Through the Nuvla.io Marketplace and App Vendor Program, we can help customers use and deploy edge computing on a scale, with minimal risk and positive ROI. ”declared Marc-Elian Bégin, co-founder and CEO of SixSq. ” Both vendors and customers benefit from unprecedented agility, flexibility and scalability, with minimal complexity and no security compromises. »

The App Vendor Program gives app developers and customers the tools to communicate seamlessly, including clear pricing and contract terms. It also enables telecommunications operators, service providers and integrators to easily monetize their business applications.

Application developers can now reach their customers faster while enjoying a simple mechanism for regular software updates. On the other hand, customers can buy their apps securely, in size, using Nuvla.io.

Serves all industries with Edge Apps for Business

The App Vendor Program was launched with a selection of innovative leaders in their fields. The first vendors offer turnkey applications in the following sectors:

– Logistics and railways;

– Manufacture and monitoring of machines;

– Next generation solutions for GDPR compliant people and crowd tracking

– Detection of cyberattacks using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

– Real-time audio analysis for smart cities

App vendors interested in joining the App Vendor Program are invited to contact the SixSq team.

Specific announcements will be made shortly about the first application vendors to join the program. Full details on the new program can be found here: https://nuvla.io/marketplace

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Operations Manager

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About SixSq

SixSq is a software publisher and leader in Edge Computing B2B in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode. The SixSq team is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and embraces Swiss ideals of efficiency, innovation and accuracy.

Nuvla.io, the company’s edge-to-cloud B2B management platform and marketplace, enables customers to deploy a secure and comprehensive edge and cloud approach, while avoiding lock-in. The software NuvlaEdge makes any x86 or ARM hardware platform connected to Nuvla.io a smart edge device for deploying applications in a variety of industries. The result is a edge to cloud solution secure, app-centric, hardware-agnostic, cloud-neutral, and container-native.

SixSq is a subsidiary of the Ekinops group.


Amaury Dugast

Relevance to the press

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About Ekinops

Ekinops is a leading provider of open and interoperable telecommunications solutions for service providers (telecom operators and enterprises) worldwide.

Ekinops solutions, highly programmable and scalable, enable fast and flexible deployment of new optical, broadband and high-speed transportation services, as well as enterprise services, especially through network virtualization.

The portfolio of solutions and services consists of three perfectly complementary brands:

  • Ekinops 360, for the needs of metropolitan, regional and long -distance optical transport networks, based on two complementary technologies: WDM for simple, compact and integrated architecture; OTN for complex multi-vendor environments
  • An Accessto offer a wide selection of deployment options, physical and virtualized, for layers 2 and 3 (link and network).
  • Patch to define networks via software through a variety of management tools and services, including scalable SD-WAN Xpress solutions and Edge-to-Cloud solutions from SixSq.

While service providers use SDN (Software Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) deployment models, Ekinops solutions allow them to migrate seamlessly to open and virtualized architecture.

Ekinops has a global organization and operates on four continents. Ekinops is listed on Euronext in Paris.

Label: Ekinops

ISIN Code: FR0011466069

Mnemonic code: EKI

Number of shares constituting share capital: 26,162,922

More information at www.ekinops.com

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