DataDome, the rising cyber nugget, rising …

The conclusion is clear. As the economy continues to digitize, the cyber threat weighing on companies and administrations is exploding: according to the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI), the number of proven intrusions has tripled between 2020 and 2021 only. threat landscape, rising bot fraud attacks. “By 2021, we will see a 47% increase in bot -related fraud in digital businesses”, suggests Gilles Walbrou, technical director of DataDome, a young Parisian company that specializes in the protection of e-commerce sites, is the target choice for malicious bots. And not just on websites, mobile applications are less targeted. These malicious actions include: attacks that send bursts of connections to saturate a site (distributed denial of service, DDoS), bots that buy limited editions of items to resell them in a parallel market with high prices (the “scalping”), the theft of website content (“scraping”), etc. becomes more complex and efficient. Sometimes, there are potentially noticeable consequences for e-merchant activity.

One step ahead with AI

To detect and stop malicious bots, DataDome has developed an innovative SaaS platform: an artificial intelligence -based detection engine that analyzes more than a trillion signals per day at 25 points of presence around the world. A technology with a machine learning algorithm, which updates in real time. “I mean, we are always one step ahead of the attackers”, says Gilles Walbrou. In other words, the threat is blocked once it is detected. Another specificity, a specialized approach. “We try to understand threats that specifically target our customers’ activities rather than giving them an overly generalist cybersecurity solution. »says the technical director of this company created in 2015, which now has about 130 employees and doubles its customer base every year.

His ambition? Become a world leader in online fraud protection. To do this, Nugget, based in New York, also has offices in Singapore, as well as in Paris, which raised $ 35 million last year from venture capital fund Elephant as well as from its historic investor, Isai , to supply. its international expansion, specifically to the United States which represents nearly half of its business. In this way, it finds a key ally: the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

A global presence through the cloud

“Thanks to cloud technology, we are able to be globally present, closer to our customers and their users”said Gilles Walbrou. This means good performance for our customers ’sites because our detection engine in this way is very close to their web server and the latency between the two is reduced”. Enough to allow DataDome to fulfill its promise: process requests in real time and act immediately on traffic. Another advantage is reliability. “As a cybersecurity solution provider, we have no right to fail! Otherwise, we will let traffic pass and therefore security will not be ensured.explanation of this officer. “Cloud infrastructures and especially their availability rate are therefore important for our solution”. As part of this partnership, “AWS provides us with an infrastructure with the required IT -level security standards and supports us by providing us with specialists with whom we work on the evolution of our architecture so that it is innovative”, developed by Gilles Walbrou. Similarly, partnering with the cloud provider suggests “Supporting DataDome customers on AWS platforms. At the same time, AWS customers whose security needs match our core business have moved to our solutions ”he explains.

Finally, the start-up is a beneficiary of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), which supports companies in their migration to the cloud. So armed, DataDome intends to impose itself on the promising -and competitive market of protection against bots. A career also driven by its talents: by the end of the year, DataDome aims for a workforce of 200 employees to strengthen its teams and continue its ascent.