With Crayta and Facebook Gaming, Zuckerberg’s metaverse was formed

Meta announced the arrival of Crayta on the Facebook Gaming platform. A community game, based on creativity, player exchange and opportunities for interaction. The very expression of the metaverse that Mark Zuckerberg dreams of seeing is being shaped.

Hacker Square in Crayta // Source: Meta

Mark Zuckerberg wants to put a metaverse on all the sauce. The Meta boss announced on Wednesday the arrival of the game Crayta on Facebook Gaming shortly, as a cloud and community experience.

But the title designed by Unit 2 Games studio is not a new game. It was first developed for Google Stadia’s cloud gaming platform, where it was exclusive from 2020 for a long time before heading to the Epic Games Store a year later. It’s a socially purposeful game that tends to create worlds, with its own games, and share them with its friends that one invites to come ” jump into his game to play, relive our sequences or bring their rock into existence.

Crayta, a “metaverse” game in essence

A game where you create and personalize your avatar, start your games that your friends can join anytime, improve with you or share them, all with a massive creative toolbox: it’s something to have fun to Mark Zuckerberg and respond to his metaverse aspirations. “What I like most about Crayta is the ability to design a space or play right in it, “ confessed the Meta boss during the presentation of the game to the company of the creation teams. It’s not without reason that Facebook acquired the British studio in June 2021.

A Western game in Crayta
A Western game in Crayta // Source: Google Stadia

The creative and collaborative universe of Crayta thus joining the Facebook Gaming platform and can be played anywhere, anytime. “With our cloud streaming technology, designing on both mobile and desktop becomes easy, without the need for a powerful system, ” Zuck proudly taught after animating Hacker Square, Meta’s iconic campus plaza in Menlo Park, California, in the game.

Because in order for Facebook users to like to start his perspective on the metaverse, Zuckerberg gave his man to almost throw himself into Craytawith developers. So he re-created the place by adding animations of an amusement park, mini-game or even a pirate ship.

Sa Crayta , Meta wants to showcase the potential of the metaverse and community experiences. The goal is simple: to bring the 2D game experiences experienced on Facebook closer to the metaverse and the perspective developed by the core company. ” We still often associate the metaverse with 3D experiences that can be experienced in virtual and augmented reality. Crayta allows this type of experience to be generated and lived seamlessly in all types of 2D environments, including through the Facebook app on smartphones and desktops, ” he explains.

Creativity and collaboration as assets

The Meta Quest virtual reality headset is therefore not the only solution to be considered, but simply by strengthening the link through social networks, Facebook is leading with its multiple effects and proposals (groups, games, events , etc.). And for that, Zuckerberg wants to “give more tools to encourage the creation of games, and therefore experiences that bind people together.

hacker square meta facebook gaming craytazuckerberg
Zuckerberg, the developers of Unit 2 Games during the presentation // Source: Meta

And to ensure that the link is permanent, the cloud is therefore the ideal medium. By landing on Facebook Gaming,Craytais able to allow players to create directly in HD or 3D, to transfer network-designed environments so that they are online and accessible from all media, from desktop to smartphone.

To move the maximum number of users in the metaverse, the solution is therefore to touch the sensitive chord of their creativity and their desire to share with their friends. AtCraytaticks all the boxes, with the added bonus of being an easily accessible title, regardless of your creative skills, with richer content.

This was not the only cloud experience to land in France. The entire Facebook Gaming cloud gaming catalog should be available in Western Europe soon.

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