The Samir national rescue front is insulting the government

After the intervention of Nadia Fettah Alaoui in the House of Representatives, the “National Front for the Safeguarding of the Moroccan Oil Refinery Samir” again requested the immediate resumption of the activity of the industry unit.

Diesel and gasoline prices are flying from record to record, weakening the purchasing power of Moroccan households across the Kingdom. At the same time, the fate of the “Samir” oil refinery, located in Mohammedia, is still enlivening the debate about the constitution of a strategic stock in anticipation of any deterioration or disruption of fuel supply.

In this sense, the “National Front for the preservation of the Moroccan oil refinery Samir” claims, again, the immediate resumption of the activity of this unit. Through a press release published recently, this body refuted the declarations of Nadia Fettah Alaoui, Minister of Economy and Finance. *

As a reminder, the latter declared, at the weekly plenary session of the House of Representatives, dated June 6, 2022, reserved for oral questions: “The government does not intend to subsidize the hydrocarbons sector, because in the lack of budget “.

It should be noted that this file – which is still pending in the Justice twist – has been submitted to international arbitration. According to the Minister, the possible acquisition of the refinery “will not be possible to solve the current problem of reserves due to the scale of the crisis in the world”.

The requests of the “National Front for the protection of the refinery”

In its press release, the “National Front for the Safeguarding of the Moroccan Oil Refinery Samir” announced that “the government is responsible for social peace and the maintenance of stability” while asking the Prime Minister to “protect the purchase of electricity by Moroccans against the current price increase in general, and the price increase of hydrocarbons in particular ”.

The press release added that “it is necessary to regulate prices based on a new formula that guarantees fair and legitimate income for operators while reducing the rate of taxes with, however, the establishment of an extraordinary tax. the latter will make it possible to recover the benefits accrued since the decision to liberalize the hydrocarbons sector in December 2015 during the Benkirane government ”.

The association, which brings together former Samir employees, added that “the defense of choosing to import hydrocarbon products should not underestimate the role of the Samir refinery and its achievements in terms of reducing cost of energy charges and increase in national strategic stock as well as its constitution in anticipation of any deterioration or disruption of fuel supply.

He asserted, moreover, “the recovery of approximately 20 billion dirhams of public money at the source of the indebtedness and liquidation of Samir, including 12 billion in connection with the acquisition of credit granted to Mohamed Al Amoudi, the shareholder of the refinery “.

The challenge is to focus on strategic storage
In her speech, Nadia Fettah Alaoui, Minister of Economy and Finance referred to “calling on the government to manage this crisis. The challenge is to focus on the question of strategic conservation, especially in hydrocarbons and cereals ”.

Referring to the impact of the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the current economic situation and the invisibility associated with rising prices, he pointed out from the beginning that “a barrel of oil has gone from an average of 86 dollars. last January to 115 dollars in March 2022 to settle at 128 dollars at the beginning of June. The price of gasoline rose to 1,600 dollars and diesel to 1,300 dollars, ”the minister added.

According to him, “the government’s choice fell on support for transportation, due to its cross-cutting nature, and the fact that it is the leading consumer of hydrocarbons, which has an impact on all products, especially those. food.

So far, “this measure, involving 180,000 vehicles, has helped to reduce the effects of inflation and will be renewed at the end of the month. In part, the Compensation Fund will be provided this year with 30 billion dirhams, “said the minister.

Yassine Saber / ECO Inspirations

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