Talkdesk launches a new industry -specific solution: Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud

An out-of-the-box customer service platform designed to unify the retail customer journey

  • Fourth in a series of Talkdesk Experience Clouds designed end-to-end to deliver customer experience innovation to meet industry-specific business needs

  • Enables distributors to build brand loyalty and expected customer value, providing a better way to connect, nurture, and identify their customers

  • Join Talkdesk at the Forrester CX North America event, June 7-9 in Nashville, or the Shoptalk Europe event, June 6-8 in London, to learn more about the Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud

LONDON, June 08, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Talkdesk®, Inc., a global industry leader in cloud-based contact centers for customer-centric businesses, launched today Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud ™, an AI -powered customer service solution designed specifically for retailers. The uniquely designed platform combines customer journey across physical and digital channels, allowing brands to meet their customers wherever they are. Retail workflows and pre-configured scripts ensure added value for each conversation, while pre-trained AI, which has mastered retail, speeds up resolution.

Talkdesk Research ™ features customer service as a strategic growth driver in the retail industry. Some recent global surveys indicate that the ability to resolve customer service issues in the first interaction has become the number one driver of customer loyalty. Other research indicates that 72% of consumers say their preferred channel varies by context, and 86% of CX retail leaders say growing customer relationships will be an agent KPI. over the next few days. Built on extensive research and industry expertise, the Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud offers a wide range of benefits for retailers, their customers and their employees.

Business -oriented benefits

  • Strengthening expected value and customer loyalty: gives teams the tools to strengthen connection with customers, increase sales and build brand love in every conversation.

  • Maximizing the technology stack and reducing costs: improves time esteem on a platform that is easy to configure, maintain and control; Out-of-the-box integrations deliver connections that are easy to make.

  • Improved real-time reporting and visibility: provides proactive reporting, dashboards and real-time insights from the customer service platform for all organizational functions.

Customer -focused benefits

  • Resolving Acceleration Speed: allows customers to connect with organizations where, when, or on any device they choose, or self-serving via voice or digital channels pre-formed to address their retail use cases customer experience.

  • Increased NPS and CSAT across all channels: Intuitive, contextual priority routing matches customers with the best customer service representatives who can help them-regardless of whether it’s a contact center or in-store agent, or an employee from another department.

  • Reduced effort and frustration for the customer: uses real-time analytics to determine the motives behind customer requests, and combines intelligence with proactive communication and automation tools that can anticipate customer needs.

Employee -focused benefits

  • Reduced training, onboarding time and staff turnover: empowers teams to empower customer growth using AI-powered tools, such as pre-configured retail workflows, scripts, best next actions, access to customer digital shopping carts, and more.

  • Improved productivity and collaboration: provides digital and in-store employee history of customer interactions, details of their orders, as well as all conversations (voice, video, co-browse, on social network, messaging and via email), in a single unified interface.

  • Optimizing and empowering employees: provides teams with personalized enhancement opportunities to increase service quality, consistency, after-call tasks, and compliance-all based on customer feedback, transcripts, and KPIs.

Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud joins the growing list of Talkdesk innovations specifically for the contact center industry, which the company has launched in recent months. Find out about Talkdesk’s customer experience offers for retail at Forrester CX North America, June 7-9 in Nashville, or Shoptalk Europe, June 6-8 in London.

Supporting statements

“The art of good distribution has never been so difficult. The number of exceptions that require customer service continues to grow, and becomes more complex. Some customers prefer to talk directly to someone, preferably others to chat, video, email or text, when they need help, ”said Steve Rowen, Managing Partner of Retail Systems Research. “When it comes to customer service, retailers need to satisfy their customers where they are, and technologies like the Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud help them do that. »

“As a global leader in next -generation customer experience, we are proud to support retailers around the world with the best customer experience talent, digital tools and consulting services,” said Paulo Silva, Senior Vice President of Client Solutions in Alorica. “The Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud solution will be instrumental in ensuring that we continue to offer our customers the best technology available. »

“Although very few people engage in customer service because they are satisfied, all customer service interactions should result in satisfied customers. That is, every conversation is an opportunity for make customers happy, ”said Shannon Flanagan, vice president of retail and consumer goods at Talkdesk.“ With the Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud, retailers can easily make that journey-even if it provides self-service opportunities. actually works, empowering customer service associates with tools to strengthen customer relationships, or use the gold mine of customer service data to ensure an extraordinary experience. »

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