This agreement is aimed for 20% of women in start-ups by 2025

Where are the women in French Tech? Today, the share of women in all French start-ups does not exceed 40%, whereas they represent 48% of the active population in 2018. And if we look at managers in start-ups, they are 31 % only women. At the size of French Tech 120, which brings together the 120 fastest growing start-ups in France, it now has 14 female co-founders and CEOs. Worse, within the Next40, which includes the top 40 in the rankings, there are no female CEOs. If the inequalities are glaring, progress must nevertheless be pointed out. The Sista x BCG barometer actually shows an increase in gender diversity within the founding teams of start-ups. That’s an increase of 9 points in three years. It is known that 70% of this increase is due to mixed teams. But at this rate, equality among founding teams will reach 2055, 35 years earlier than expected in 2019.

15 signing unicorns

Based on this observation, Clara Chappaz, who performed her roles at head of French Tech in November 2021, put together approximately thirty start-ups in February 2022 around meditation workshops that gave birth to the “parity pact”. . When it launched on May 31, 69 French FT 120 start-ups, including 15 unicorns, had already signed this charter, to which 45 new signatories have been added to date. “In total, we selected 5 commitments where these start-ups are willing to move forward,” Clara Chappaz explained. Then we called on the rest of the French Tech 120 to join the initiative and now, we are calling on others. another 20,000 French women startups to participate. “

“This approach is not new to Mirakl, we have long focused on diversity issues, and the fact of signing this commitment has come to prove it in a public way”, said this unicorn who sells software solutions for the workplace. . It has 38% women in the group with 750 employees and by 2022 scored 98% on the professional equality index between women and men. Same evidence on the side of Mano Mano, the marketplace that specializes in DIY and gardening. “The signing of this parity pact made absolutely sense for us, we didn’t think long before signing it”, underlined Pauline Boet, who manages social issues for this company which has 42% women from 1,000 employees. “This kind of initiative allows us to expedite some topics that we could have put in place longer.” According to Charles Gorintin, co-founder of Alan, who raised 183 million to speed up health insurance, these start-ups have a role to play. In fact, “the Next 40 is building the world of tomorrow, if we don’t position ourselves on these topics today, it will look like today’s world and that’s not what we want”.

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“An exemplary role”

For Clara Chappaz, “the idea was to tell ourselves that there was no magical solution, we thought about a set of very concrete steps that would make it possible to advance the situation.” The initial commitment of this parity pact points to the lack of parity in governing bodies through boards of directors. For this ecosystem, it will be a question of reaching the minimum threshold of 20% of women sitting on the company board by 2025, then 40% by 2028, respecting the same mechanism as in the Copé-Zimmermann law. .

At this point, start-up Alan is 40% women sitting on its board of directors, which is however very small with 5 people in it, welcoming its co-founder. This commitment came to play “an exemplary role” for French Tech’s mission leader. “If we don’t have this equality in the company’s highest opportunity, it will be more difficult for women to project themselves into management positions.”

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Gender -neutral job descriptions

The second commitment of this parity pact is to train 100% of managers on the challenges of diversity and combat discrimination and harassment by the end of 2022. For example, Mano Mano launched the Women Empowerment program in the form of the Google #IAmRemarkable initiative . “With challenges launched every two days, this workshop changes day-to-day practices to have more visibility and impact and ensure more brotherhood within the company,” said Pauline Boet. .

It will also be a question of guaranteeing from now on that 100% of the job descriptions published by the company are aimed at both female and male profiles. In fact, the equal skill analyzer showed that of the 500,000 job descriptions in all sectors, 83% of the descriptions could be considered excluded. “Entrepreneurs are committed to being able to guarantee that all sheets published are aimed at a profile that is as much female as male”, Clara Chappaz pointed out. Like Mirakl, who built gender-neutral job offers from the very beginning.

Support after returning from parental vacation

Other commitments, to form a joint team of representatives called to speak on behalf of the company, inside and outside the country by the end of 2022. Shana Roy, Chief People Experience Officer at Swile pointed out that the start-up has set up a partnership with 50InTech to advance the recruitment of women in the field of Tech. “We are currently hiring two apprentices and are continuing this work upstream to promote the feminization of these professions”.

Finally, the final commitment of this parity pact consists in setting up specific support for each employee on their return from parental leave, by the end of 2022. To achieve this, introduce and pay for the extension of “second parent” vacations as Alan did, or even offer “kids at work” days where employees are invited to bring their children to the office. “, explained Charles Gorintin.

A preliminary assessment of this parity pact will be established by the French Tech mission by the end of 2022, which will support companies in implementing these commitments through new workshops or the sponsorship of companies that can share their best practices. . “In case in a year, a certain number of companies fail to fulfill the promises, they will not be included in the list of signatories”, warns Clara Chappaz.

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