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Do you have a role in IT? It’s time to speak up by contributing to this global survey:

For more than a decade, Global Knowledge has documented the IT landscape, documenting the industry’s biggest successes and challenges. Now part of the Skillsoft team, this work continues.

Last year, more than 9,300 IT professionals took part in the survey, making it one of the largest of its kind in the world. The data provided by these IT professionals led to notable findings such as the following:

  • 76% of IT decision makers have critical skill gaps within their teams, an increase of 145% since 2016.
  • 80% of certification benefits include faster performance, higher engagement and better work results.
  • 92% of all respondents say they have at least one certification, an increase of 5% compared to last year.

Information like this is highly valued by IT professionals at almost every stage of their careers. From beginners to large companies, they can get inspiration from it to inform decision making and develop action plans.

But it’s impossible to unlock information like this without requiring IT pros a bit of time to answer questions.

Contribute to one of the largest IT skills reports

The Computer Skills and Salaries report is the result of thousands of responses from people around the world. It focuses specifically on the IT industry and asks professionals about their:

  • Skills and Certifications The data collected from the survey shows the top 10 highest paying IT certifications each year, which is an important resource for those seeking promotion or to advance their careers.
  • Compensation Every year, the landscape changes in response to organizations ’need for skilled workers. For example, this survey shows that those in cybersecurity and cloud roles tend to earn the highest salaries on average.
  • Skills Gaps and Challenges Additionally, IT managers and staff have the ability to document what they struggle with on a daily basis, including skills gaps that continue to grow.
  • Technology investments: IT decision makers have flagged which technology vendors they plan to focus on in the coming year, the impact on their budgets, and more.
  • Skill Development: IT professionals share their training preferences and why.

The 2021 Report shows good and bad results

One of the main conclusions of this report has to do with the growing lack of computer skills. Organizations around the world report that they struggle with a lack of knowledge within their teams.

And while this information alone helps illustrate the challenge, it becomes even more important when compared to the other numbers presented in the report:

Of the 76% of IT decision makers who experience skill gaps in their teams, 50% say they plan to upgrade skills or retrain their current workforce because they see training as a way to close the gap. that.

For many, there is no other option. The data provided by IT decision makers in this report shows a severe shortage of talent in cybersecurity, cloud computing and data, making them the three most difficult to recruit.

If IT managers can’t be hired to fill skill gaps, they recognize they need to train their staff. However, it is also difficult when the main inhibitor in training is the daily workload (43%) faced by IT professionals. This is followed by an inadequate training budget (36%).

This way, IT managers have a difficult situation that they need to navigate. If they can’t hire new employees with the skills they need, they must train the current workforce. But if their existing workforce can’t train because of the workload, it’s easy to get stuck, especially when the number one reason employees say they left their organization is because of a lack of training opportunities.

As mentioned, while this data reveals some uncomfortable realities faced by IT professionals, it also reveals opportunities to achieve lofty goals.

About the survey:

  • It will take about 15-30 minutes to respond. You can bookmark your progress and resume where you left off within a week after starting the survey.
  • The survey is anonymous
  • You can enter a raffle for a chance to win a $ 100 gift card if you complete the survey. Skillsoft plans to randomly give gift cards to 10 participants, not including government employees.

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