Samsung identifies possibilities to live at home with global expansion of custom range at Bespoke Home 2022 event – Samsung Global Newsroom – Reuters

Samsung has expanded its vision of the custom home by introducing new customizable design options, smarter connected services, and sustainable solutions to extend product lifecycles

Samsung Electronics is now hosting Bespoke Home 2022, the second annual showcase for Samsung Bespoke appliances. This year’s theme is built on the concept of expanding space, experience and time working together to deliver a home living experience that goes beyond conventional furniture.

“The positive response to last year’s Bespoke Home event showed us our vision for a better home life through inspiring design, personalization, and smart connections that have garnered attention from people around the world. around the world, ”said JaeSeung Lee, President and Head of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “This year, we are excited to continue our vision to give consumers more ways to express themselves, experience connected services and live more sustainably at home with Bespoke. »

Custom home extension 2022

This year, Samsung is delivering a more holistic experience by expanding Bespoke throughout the home. At the heart of the showcase is the updated kitchen and living appliances with stylish colors, updated features and premium finishes. New to this range is the global launch of the Bespoke AI washer and dryer as well as the Bespoke kitchen set.

For the European market, the package includes all-new AI-powered Bespoke ovens scheduled to launch in the second half of this year. Bespoke Oven offers connected functionality via the SmartThings app, making cooking simpler and more efficient while delivering delicious results. AI Pro Cooking ™ can identify ingredients, optimize settings accordingly, and monitor food as it cooks to avoid overcooking or undercooking. The Dual Cook Steam ™ feature allows users to prepare both healthy steamed and baked meals using different settings simultaneously. In addition, the Sense-to-Open function easily opens the oven door with a simple push, allowing for an elegant and minimal design with a flat door without a handle. The rest of the set, including the dishwasher and the induction hob, will be available in the second half of 2022.

From the kitchen to the living space, the new Bespoke AI Laundry will be available in the US as well as in Europe in July. In the US, the Bespoke AI washer, with an impressive 5.3 cubic foot Ultra capacity,1 facilitates washing, no matter how large the load. AI OptiWash ™ optimizes each wash with the perfect amount of water and detergent based on how dirty your laundry is, while the Auto Dispensing System offers a simple solution to automatically store and dispense detergent. Custom AI pucks for the USA will be available in four colors and materials: Brushed Navy, Brushed Black, Silver Steel and Forest Green.2

Bespoke AI Dryer offers advanced AI Optimal Drying that continuously monitors water content using enhanced sensors and intelligently optimizes the cycle to dry items thoroughly. It also automatically controls cycle time and temperature to protect clothes from excessive heat.3 In addition, the advanced humidity sensor detects changes in humidity and humidity levels to adjust the temperature and drying time for maximum efficiency. The Smart Dial feature personalizes laundry by identifying users ’frequently used laundry and drying settings. Plus, designed to work best as a pair, Bespoke AI washer and dryer users can wash, dry, and prepare their clothes to wear in an hour with Super Speed ​​features Washer and Super Speed. Dry.

For the European market, the new Bespoke AI washing machine and dryer will feature Samsung’s latest energy-saving technologies and eco-friendly features, including AI Ecobubble ™, AI Wash and SpaceMax ™.

Also at the event, Samsung featured how Bespoke designs have evolved through various design competitions, artist collaborations and limited edition panels, all showcasing truly custom personalization services . Samsung has collaborated on limited edition panel designs with well -known artists including Andy Rementer and Alex Proba, and Samsung is taking personalization to the next level with the recently announced MyBespoke service in the US. MyBespoke will offer customers the ability to design and create custom, one-of-a-kind French Door Refrigerator Panels using their own artwork, prints, and Photos. Samsung’s custom printed MyBespoke panels will be available later this year in the US.

Smarter, more comfortable home life

A tailored connected experience is more than simply controlling devices with one app. It’s about creating personalized connected home experiences using AI-powered technology to make home life more convenient, for individual users. To enhance these capabilities, Samsung is launching SmartThings Home Life in June worldwide. A connectivity hub that combines six essential home services: cooking, energy, clothing care, pet care, air care and home care. SmartThings Home Life allows users to customize how their devices work together based on the services they need.

Stability from start to finish

Commitment to the environment has long been at the heart of Samsung’s product design. The latest Bespoke appliances are no exception, all designed with a sustainable product lifecycle in mind from start to finish.

Samsung Bespoke appliances are designed to be as efficient and eco-friendly as possible. Starting production, for example, Samsung is working to prevent soil contamination by minimizing waste generated by factories, including glass fragments. In that vein, Samsung also recycles liquid materials such as used oil and paint to become fuel so that they can be used later. In fact, Samsung’s manufacturing facilities for digital devices in Korea achieved an industrial waste recycling rate of 93% in 2019, which will rise to 98% in 2021. It will continue to increase by Samsung is the recycling rate in the future. ‘coming.

In terms of product delivery, Samsung limits its over-reliance on natural resources by using eco-friendly packaging that consumers can reuse at home. Samsung also offers digital manuals via QR code to reduce the manufacture of paper manuals.

Sustainable properties also extend to the products used. Samsung refrigerators use an advanced digital inverter compressor while Samsung washing machines use technology such as AI Ecobubble ™. Thanks to such innovative technologies, Samsung has been able to reduce its energy consumption by 67%4 for built-in refrigerators from 2000 to 2020 and 53%5 for drum washing machines from 2011 to 2020. The result of these environmentally responsible efforts has been recognized by Energy Star certifications. In fact, all front-loading washing machines and dishwashers and 91% of Samsung refrigerators sold in the United States are Energy Star certified. For Samsung users, that means reducing energy costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The SmartThings Energy service will also help users save energy by easily turning off appliances when not in use as well as adjusting blinds and air conditioners, minimizing energy waste while working. of habits. durable at home.

Finally, for any household appliance, proper disposal at the end of the product life cycle is paramount in the entire maintenance process. Ensuring longer home appliances, from July, Samsung provides a 20-year warranty,6 the oldest offered by Samsung in Europe and the United States for major appliance components such as digital inverter motors and digital inverter compressors for custom-made products. Plus, with Bespoke’s modular designs, users can customize the design of their home devices when they change, rather than buying a new one.

Ultimately, Samsung products are designed to be flexible, durable and efficient, extending the product lifecycle while reducing waste. These efforts reflect how Samsung is helping create a more sustainable future.

Join the Samsung exhibition stand at EuroCucina Milan located in Fiera Milano, Rho (Italy) to learn more about what’s new at Bespoke Home this year. You can also learn more about the Bespoke Home Media Day event scheduled for June 7 at 4:00 pm CEST (11:00 pm KST / 10:00 am EST). Bespoke Home Media Day 2022 will be broadcast on Samsung’s global YouTube channel, Samsung Newsroom and

1 Ultra capacity of only 0.15 cubic meters (5.3 cubic feet) is available on Bespoke washing machines sold in the United States.
2 Forest Green will be available in October 2022 along with other colors available in July.
3 Based on an algorithm made by AI.
4 The con net capacity in liters (based on the EU energy label) is SL39SP3/XEU sold in 2000 and RB37R5 ** R ** in 2020.
5 The electrical energy consumption of the Samsung washing machine (drum type) has decreased by approximately 53% from the year 2011 (implemented by newly revised energy regulations in Europe) until the year 2020. The models are compared to calculation of power consumption (based on the EEI of the EU energy report) is WF0704L7W sold in 2011 and WW12R640U0M in 2020.
6 Digital Inverter Compressor in refrigerators sold in Europe and Digital Inverter Motor in washing machines sold in Europe and made in the United States.

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